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gast30 02.01.2013 05:46 PM

yeah it is terrible there for the woman
not the only place on earth where woman are seen as inferiour

i don't understand this

people are born out of a woman and the only thing they do is disrepect and oppres woman ????

yeah, it is terrible there
i know crimes of female oppression
men with retarded ideologies

Rob Instigator 02.01.2013 05:52 PM

It is the end result of patriarchy taking over matriarchy.

For tens of thousands of years humans lived in matriarchy, understanding that life comes from women, life is nurtured by women etc.

Men got fed up with the women having that power, especially since they usually used it for purposes OTHER than getting rich and powerful
The original GOD was female of course.

How could a male deity birth the universe?

keep poppin pimples 02.01.2013 07:14 PM

guys not everybody in india is the same religion or believes the caste system(which exists in the usa)

you realize this gold guy is probably low caste as hell right?

floatingslowly 02.01.2013 07:30 PM


Rob Instigator 02.02.2013 05:09 PM

He has caste off his shackles.

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