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!@#$%! 04.04.2020 09:37 AM


Skuj 04.04.2020 11:39 AM

"Jesus, this fucking guy keeps blurting out the t....the tr.....t....t....truth......that's the word...."

Skuj 04.06.2020 01:16 PM

This is actually turning out to be a perfect example of what happens when the idiots at the top of an administration are anti-science the-world-is-6000-years-old conspiracy theorists. I predict that Trump will spend a lot of time talking about this miracle cure today, and like yesterday, Fauci will not address the issue. And some really stupid, unfortunate shit is going to happen because of it. In months from now I may have very good reasons for bumping this post.

On the other hand, it is almost Easter, when everything should be fine.

Rob Instigator 04.06.2020 01:17 PM


Skuj 04.06.2020 04:21 PM

Bye-Don and The Orange One spoke over the phone about Covidthings. How long before the insulting tweets begin? I hope Team Joe recorded it.

Skuj 04.06.2020 11:10 PM

This Navy Captain's removal is a very interesting one to me. I am still trying to figure out what the Captain did wrong. Even if he leaked that letter himself, is he not justified, given that so many on the ship have now tested positive for Covid-19? What is so wrong with the letter, public or not?

But I know one thing: That Acting Navy Chief is a fucking idiot. That speech he gave to the ship was a fucking disgrace. Politics over safety seems to be his game.

Trump is going to wade into this. Is he going to fuck it up some more (likely) or will he surprise me and can that Chief's ass? I'll give kudos whenever a good decision is made....even if Trump makes it.

I'm not holding my breath though.

Edit: Wow!!

Maybe Trump and he had a fireside chat?

Skuj 04.07.2020 03:05 PM

There is a god!!

!@#$%! 04.07.2020 03:19 PM


Originally Posted by Skuj

oh yeah that wasn't specifically corona but corona-effected at this point

i posted in wrong thread and will bring here.

!@#$%! 04.07.2020 03:20 PM

Acting Navy secretary resigns after insulting aircraft carrier’s ousted captain

Acting Navy secretary Thomas Modly, whose fiery insults of a naval officer who raised alarm about the service’s handling of a coronavirus outbreak prompted widespread condemnation, has resigned, according to three people familiar with the discussions.

The decision comes after a building political crisis in which Modly traveled from Washington to Guam on Monday and assailed the character of Navy Capt. Brett Crozier, who was removed by Modly as the commanding officer of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt last week.

etc etc...

he's moldy alright...

The Soup Nazi 04.07.2020 07:36 PM

Most things about this administration are fucked up, and some are just... bad jokes, really: Grisham out without having briefed the press, ever; tiny braindead bimbo McEnany in. AtOWo0QU1FUlp0RWFKWXN3Tk1LQUFQAQ?hl=en-US&gl=US&ceid=US%3Aen

Skuj 04.07.2020 08:18 PM

The Dotard's string of Press Secretaries might top all of Trump's Picks in the "are you fucking kidding me?" department. At least when Spicey lied or fucked up, it was written on his face. Huckabee had epic poker face throughout all of her lies. And Grisham....what in the name of fuck did she actually do, other than make some really idiotic statements every now and then? "Gen Kelly was ill equipped to work with the genius of our great president." That's some Noko shit right there!! Will the new one lower the bar even more?

The Soup Nazi 04.07.2020 08:24 PM


Originally Posted by Skuj
Will the new one lower the bar even more?

You can bet your chess game she will.

Skuj 04.07.2020 08:37 PM

Holy fuck!! I remember McEnany appearing on CNN discussions often. She seemed very intelligent and accomplished.....but there she was, defending every single Trumpsterfuck with vigour and confidence....twisting herself into a pretzel when justifying his tweets and actions. I kept wondering how someone who appears to know better could find themselves in this role. How does this indoctrination happen?

She will be "perfect" as Trump's Press Secretary.

The Soup Nazi 04.07.2020 08:47 PM


Originally Posted by Skuj
She seemed very intelligent and accomplished...

Did she? She always seemed dumb as fuck to me. And her dumb as fuck candidate won, so what do I know. I'll tell ya what I know: THEY'RE DUMB AS FUCK.

Skuj 04.07.2020 08:52 PM

But I mean, here she is, 31, a Harvard grad, gorgeous (fuck, I'm sorry....I know that is not relevant), her whole exciting life in front of her.....and what path does she choose? She bows to the Greatness Of Trump. How the fuck does this happen to "lucky" people? I'll never comprehend it.

She is on record, in 2012, as being in the Birther camp. Fuck me.

Skuj 04.07.2020 09:32 PM

"This president will always put America first, he will always protect American citizens, we will not see diseases like the coronavirus come here, we will not see terrorism come here and isn’t it refreshing when contrasting it with the awful presidency of President Obama.”

That's very recent!! Hopefully, in my alternate happy universe, she will do this until January 2021.

The Soup Nazi 04.08.2020 12:32 AM


Originally Posted by Skuj
But I mean, here she is, 31, a Harvard grad [...]

Eh, that shit's all corrupt anyway. That's why Rory Gilmore chose Yale! :D


Originally Posted by Skuj
[...] gorgeous [...]

Really? I don't know what you see in her; she's visually annoying to me. It's not like she's Amy Adams. Or Gal Gadot. Or Ellen Page. Or Polly Harvey. Or Mars' Connie Burg. Or The Drones/Tropical Fuck Storm's Fiona Kitschin. Shit, I could be here all night LOOK the point is, previous Drumpf yes-women like Hope Hicks and Grisham herself were easier on the eyes, although equally despicable.[/quote]


Originally Posted by Skuj
She is on record, in 2012, as being in the Birther camp. Fuck me.

That alone makes her repulsive and a disgraceful c-word.

!@#$%! 04.08.2020 08:15 AM

this is also a little old but i had been too busy to read opinion pieces. raw copypasta, you sort it out

As a doctor, I am willing to do whatever it takes to defeat this virus. Why isn’t Trump?

By Sophie A. Greenberg
April 3, 2020 at 3:34 p.m. MDT
Sophie A. Greenberg is a dermatology resident physician in New York City.
“We’re not a shipping clerk.” I can’t forget President Trump’s response at a coronavirus press briefing when asked how he would help states secure lifesaving medical equipment.
I am a physician, a dermatology resident, in New York City, who has volunteered to help in a hospital emergency department, intensive care unit and elsewhere during the covid-19 emergency. Strictly speaking, a physician’s duties are to diagnose and treat a patient’s illness or injury. The president’s comment brought to mind all the times I have stepped outside of my physician role — as any physician would do — to care for my patients.
Full coverage of the coronavirus pandemic

I am not a phlebotomist, but when my patient needs a lab test, and the phlebotomist has gone home and it’s outside a nurse’s duties, I draw my patient’s blood.

I am not a secretary, but I work until 10 most nights to document every patient encounter in the electronic medical record.
I am not a nurse, but when I learn that my patient’s dressings have not been changed on time, I stay to do it myself.
I am not patient support services, but I wait on hold for hours with insurance companies to obtain prior authorization for my patient’s medications.
I am not a scheduler, but I respond to requests for expedited appointments, even when it means being awoken at 3 a.m. by the emergency department asking to accommodate a patient with an eczema flare-up.
Opinion | Trump fans believe him over the media on coronavirus. This is dangerous.

Trump may think he can sugarcoat coronavirus, but media critic Erik Wemple says it is time for the government to speak with one clear voice about public health. (Video: Erik Wemple/Photo: Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)
I am not an ICU physician, but when hospitals are overwhelmed with sick patients during a pandemic, I pull out my stethoscope and stand by when asked to help out in the intensive care unit.
If physicians refused to complete work that is outside of their strict job description, the health-care system would collapse. Physicians know this to be true, and so does the government. The covid-19 pandemic has provided some of the most extreme examples of health-care professionals stretching their roles and risking their lives to care for their patients. Normally, a mask is discarded after every patient encounter; now, we are given one mask to use for an entire week.

For two years, as an undergraduate student, I served as a volunteer emergency medical technician for a local EMT squad. During our training, the importance of scene safety and body-substance isolation were drilled into us: We were not to enter a situation without first ensuring our own health and safety. If you get hurt, not only are you unable to help others, but who is going to help you? At best, you become a burden to your team.
The Opinions section is looking for stories of how the coronavirus has affected people of all walks of life. Write to us.

In some ways, it feels as if we are now being asked to walk into a burning building. I trust myself to be careful and stay safe, but I am in a position I would have found unimaginable a month ago.
Now, when our lives depend on it, the president is not pulling out all the stops to bring us proper personal protective equipment and ventilators for our patients.
I am not a seamstress, but this week I found myself sewing my own mask.

Skuj 04.08.2020 10:34 AM

Well this one is interesting. It must be fake news though, because NO WAY would Trump ignore the Int people, right?

!@#$%! 04.08.2020 11:09 AM

Trump says coronavirus ‘must be quickly forgotten’ after the economy reopens

In a Wednesday morning tweet, Trump encouraged Americans to forget about the coronavirus once the country's economy reopens, making only a passing mention of the massive loss of life that is expected to result from the pandemic.

“Once we OPEN UP OUR GREAT COUNTRY, and it will be sooner rather than later, the horror of the Invisible Enemy, except for those that sadly lost a family member or friend, must be quickly forgotten,” Trump said. “Our Economy will BOOM, perhaps like never before!!!”

Top public health experts have warned that despite revised projections indicating a lower-than-expected death toll, reopening the economy in the short term would exacerbate the crisis.


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