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!@#$%! 03.18.2020 08:00 PM

There is no new Trump

[ugly-ass photo]
President Trump speaks during Tuesday's White House briefing on the coronavirus. Members of the coronavirus task force stand with him.

By George T. Conway III
March 18, 2020 at 1:13 p.m. MDT

If you think you’ve been hearing a different President Trump this week — more accepting of the reality of the coronavirus pandemic — don’t be fooled. The new Trump is the same as the old Trump. He can’t help it. He’s incapable of taking responsibility for his role in this crisis — and thus incapable of leading us out of it.

After weeks of denial and deflection, a seemingly chastened Trump on Monday conceded that the virus was, in fact, “not under control,” and was, indeed, “a very bad one.” What caused the switch in tone? Who knows? Perhaps it was the largest one-day point drop in the Dow Jones in history on Monday. Perhaps it was a study the White House received saying that 2.2 million Americans could die. Perhaps it was that Trump’s beloved Mar-a-Lago is getting a coronavirus-necessitated deep cleaning.

But the sudden shift can’t conceal the fact that Trump has shown himself to be wholly inept at dealing with the pandemic. It doesn’t change the fact that he puts himself first, always. It doesn’t alter the fact that, as he once told top aides, he thinks of “each presidential day as an episode in a television show in which he vanquishes rivals.” It doesn’t dissolve Trump’s compulsion to lie, even when truth would serve him best. It doesn’t diminish his incompetence, ignorance or propensity for administrative chaos.

And it doesn’t change his inability to accept responsibility. “I don’t take responsibility at all,” Trump said Friday. So too this week, even as he acknowledged the seriousness of the situation he had played down for so long.

On Monday, Trump said he would rate his performance in confronting the pandemic a 10 out of 10. Tuesday, he absurdly claimed, “I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic.” Wednesday, he tweeted that he had “always treated the Chinese Virus very seriously.” He also continued to blame others, lashing out at Democratic governors who bemoan his failing federal leadership.

Of course, Trump will always take credit for positive developments — even those he didn’t cause, create or do — like the economy he inherited, an electoral “landslide” that never happened and the Christmas holiday he didn’t need to save. If it’s positive, then it’s “thank you President T,” as he once tweeted.

But responsibility? Never. Ever the blameless narcissist, Trump always insists that the buck stops wherever convenient — for him, personally. For Trump, success always has a single father — himself. Failure has a hundred — everyone and anyone else. The media. The Democrats. The “deep state.” Disloyal staffers. Prosecutors. Judges. Anyone who doesn’t do his bidding or sufficiently sing his praises.

And the common thread between his taking credit and shifting blame? Trump’s standbys: Lying, deceit and exaggeration. All have come into play throughout his presidency, and all now have come home to roost.

He mendaciously claimed that his phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was “perfect.” Perversely but fittingly, he has compared his coronavirus response to that call: “The tests are all perfect, like the letter was perfect, the transcription was perfect, right? This was not as perfect as that, but pretty good.”

His absurd, repeated claims that the outbreak wouldn’t be so bad have been almost too many to count. Even as late as the weekend before last, Trump said at his infected Mar-a-Lago resort that: “They’re trying to scare everybody, from meetings, cancel the meetings, close the schools — you know, destroy the country. And that’s okay, as long as we can win the election.”

As long as we can win the election. That’s what it’s all about for Trump. It’s always about winning — winning for Trump, by making him look good in each day’s reality-television production. It’s never been about the country.
Which is why Trump wanted a cruise ship with infected passengers to be kept offshore: “because I like the numbers being where they are.” And why Trump kept pretending the virus crisis wasn’t a crisis — to keep the stock market from tanking, to win an election.

But the way a president actually can make himself look good is by being a true leader. By seeing the truth clearly, telling it bluntly and acting on it promptly and skillfully — not by dissembling, preening and careening from day to day. By behaving like Donald Trump, the president has shown himself incapable of leading the country.

Trump’s abject failure of leadership brings to mind the words, borrowed from Oliver Cromwell, that British Conservative backbencher Leo Amery used in 1940 to bring down Neville Chamberlain, a prime minister of his own party: “You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go.”

The nation needs a credible, competent president, now more than ever. The surest and best thing Trump could do to come to the aid of his country — to save lives — would be to go, as the hapless Chamberlain did. But that won’t happen. Because that would be taking responsibility, something Trump has never done and will never know how to do. It’s too bad for us.

Skuj 03.18.2020 10:14 PM

But Charlie Kirk. (Whoever the fuck that is. I refuse to look him up.)

I have faith that Covid19/Trump will be Hitler/Chamberlain, but nothing in America surprises me anymore. There are 150,000,000+ Bytors, at least.

Bytor Peltor 03.19.2020 05:49 AM


Originally Posted by Skuj
Trump is a complete failure on this. No amount of good that he does now will erase the complete incompetence that he displayed earler.

Just a recap for Skuj, whom I’m afraid may have some sand in his ears.

January 31, 2020Trump Administration Restricts Entry Into U.S. From China

February 1, 2020
Joe Biden Slams President Donald Trump’s Response To Coronavirus Epidemic: This Is No Time For "Fearmongering" & Calls Trump A Xenophobe

!@#$%! 03.19.2020 06:47 AM


Originally Posted by Bytor Peltor

dotard, you need to read past the headline.

can you handle a whole page?

ilduclo 03.19.2020 10:32 AM

Pandemic Response Team. I think it was cut since the pandemics at the time, particularly ebola, were happening in Africa. Why have a big, costly group of doctors and adminstrators to help "shithole countries"?

the racism and xenophobia continues...

Trimpie in 2018:

“Some of the people we’ve cut, they haven’t been used for many, many years and if we ever need them we can get them very quickly and rather then spending the money. I’m a business person, I don’t like having thousands of people around when you don’t need them.”

Skuj 03.19.2020 01:02 PM


Originally Posted by Bytor Peltor

Just out of curiousity, did you see his early tweets on this, and did you witness his infamous visit to the CDC?

Skuj 03.19.2020 01:05 PM

Bytor's early posts during this crisis mirror Bumblefuck's, and I cannot help feeling that Bytor is now engaging in damage control....for himself and his beloved Bumblefuck.

Skuj 03.19.2020 01:11 PM

One more:

I actually clicked on those links. Bytor's "summary" of the second one resembles Barr on Mueller. Do you even read your own links?

Skuj 03.19.2020 01:28 PM

I can't help myself:

Here is a challenge:

At least a couple of articles have been posted here over the last few days, detailing the disaster that is Trump and his response to this crisis.

Who can find/post a well written article that details what a great leader/saviour he has been on this? I have no doubt that such an article exists. Lets see it. I want to actually consider that I missed something. Maybe the CDC fiasco was just a bad dream.

Skuj 03.22.2020 12:21 PM

Trump just needs to stop talking/tweeting about COVID-19.

!@#$%! 03.22.2020 12:23 PM


Originally Posted by Skuj
I can't help myself:

lolol, ok :D


Originally Posted by Skuj

Trump just needs to stop talking/tweeting about COVID-19.

better yet, people need to stop listening to the motherfucker

heís as useful as cyanide in milk

Skuj 03.22.2020 12:57 PM

I'm impressed with our PM (Canada) during this. And daily, he usually stresses "...because we are a country that believes in science...." I cannot help feeling that the elephant in the room next door causes him to state this.

Skuj 03.24.2020 06:55 PM

I thought I would post this before Bytor does.

I fear for humanity. He hits 50% at a time when I witness extra special incompetence. I'm just not made for these times.

!@#$%! 03.24.2020 07:13 PM


Originally Posted by Skuj

I thought I would post this before Bytor does.

I fear for humanity. He hits 50% at a time when I witness extra special incompetence. I'm just not made for these times.

okay amigo you need to grow some huevos

you're in militaryland. you're supposed to kill and be killed. i know nobody wants to. but you could be a prisoner in north korea if your norad spyplane had fallen some place wrong.

pretend you're there.

watch werner herzog's "rescue dawn" maybe.

i'm not saying that you have to like this shit. i am saying that you have a duty to endure.

Skuj 03.24.2020 08:23 PM


!@#$%! 03.24.2020 08:35 PM


Originally Posted by Skuj

ďiím just not made for these times.Ē

youíre a captain! people depend on you :p

Skuj 03.24.2020 08:52 PM

Lol. You have a good memory.

I am not able to grasp how Trump can have this amount of support given his numerous episodes of monumental incompetence. Are people just not paying attention? Bytor seems to be an intelligent person: What is it that he is not seeing? Is it merely hatred of anything Democrat?

I live in Canada, so I accept that I'm missing the boat on certain aspects of this.

I've been at this thread for years, and Trump's continued support remains more mysterious to me than Modern General Relativity (which I am studying hard).

!@#$%! 03.24.2020 09:02 PM

well, i can grasp the fact that 50% of the population have an i.q. below average. that's math enough to see the possibilities.

btw i hear your pm has been doing great, and i chat daily with canadians who are hunkering down like champs with no crybaby shit. they keep each other in line. good job.

anyway, did you ever read asimov's "foundation"? a great trilogy there that mimics somewhat the roman empire. a science fiction classic, and the 2nd volume might offer parallels to our day.

anyway cap'n it's your job to lead the troops so i expect you to continue doing your part in this fight. for the sake of the fucking planet.

Skuj 03.24.2020 10:34 PM

Lol. Fascinating. Put the Captain in charge, because the POTUS is clueless. :)

I'll investigate the Asimov books. I'll do fucking anything to try to understand this phenomenon.

!@#$%! 03.25.2020 02:28 PM

also see–Kruger_effect

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