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ZEROpumpkins 03.05.2008 04:43 AM

Damn you Ohio!

How could you vote for that face?

m1rr0r dash 03.05.2008 04:48 AM


ZEROpumpkins 03.05.2008 04:48 AM

Heehee :D

Cantankerous 03.05.2008 05:11 AM

speaking of voting for hideous faces, mccain should NOT have gotten the nomination, ron paul should have. he was the best candidate in my opinion.
oh but wait, my opinion isn't valuable, so who cares, right?

m1rr0r dash 03.05.2008 05:18 AM

i for one care what yr opinion is... i just tried to point out a couple of times in a very sarcastic way that if you cared what yr opinion was you'd have voted in the primaries and i hope that you head to the polls in november. that is all.

Cantankerous 03.05.2008 05:19 AM

i'm going to vote just so john mccain doesn't end up president.

ZEROpumpkins 03.05.2008 05:21 AM

Don't blame you. That guys is the biggest war pig.

screamingskull 03.05.2008 06:28 AM


gmku 03.05.2008 07:30 AM


Originally Posted by ZEROpumpkins

How could you vote for that face?

Because it is all about looks around here, isn't it. You people are soooo shallow. Grow up.

atari 2600 03.05.2008 07:51 AM


Originally Posted by ZEROpumpkins


How could you vote for that face?

People aren't voting on a face, however, her cackle is yes, a tad unsettling. SNL has been pushing Hillary for the last two weeks and maybe it has something to do with her "surge." It's a bit ironic that working-class Ohioans who were devastated by NAFTA would rather vote for her than Obama. Barack won the major metro areas of Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, but was too ethnic for the rest of the state. Pundits say the same scenario is set to go down in Pennsylvania.

Cantankerous 03.05.2008 08:03 AM

we need a president with an unsettling cackle
no one has been afraid of america for a long time

gmku 03.05.2008 08:19 AM

Obama often looks like he's fighting gas pains, to me.

Cantankerous 03.05.2008 08:21 AM

i can do a montage of the faces he makes if you'd like

Cantankerous 03.05.2008 08:23 AM

nevermind i look like hell

gmku 03.05.2008 08:33 AM


Originally Posted by Cantankerous
i can do a montage of the faces he makes if you'd like

Ha, yeah. If you can.

The media is so fucked up how they're manipulating the coverage of this whole thing. So Obama loses last night, and this morning on one of the cable news shows they were showing a very unflattering close up of Obama with one of those gas-pain expressions, and they showed a (rare) flattering shot of Hillary. It's all about perception.

Cantankerous 03.05.2008 08:36 AM





bitch is scary

atari 2600 03.05.2008 08:39 AM

Think what you will, but I thought the video segments and commentary on this week's Real Time with Bill Maher was telling concerning Hillary's rollercoaster of mixed emotions and messages:

the quotes below are paraphrased comments

Hillary cries: "Woe is me...everyone is so hard on is hard on me because I'm a woman."

Hillary is complemetary of Obama: "gotta please, gotta let him know I like his shirt and tie and that I'm proud to run alongside him..."

Hillary gets angry: "Obama is misrepresenting me...he's a snake like all the others!"

Hillary resorts to angry sarcasm: "I feel like no one is paying attention to me anymore. Oh that's right, you've got your magical prince now who is going to open up the heavens and bring change and hope and joy and peace and love and fix all the world's problems."

Cantankerous 03.05.2008 08:40 AM

poor chelsea looks just like her too. same eyebrows and everything.

gmku 03.05.2008 08:41 AM

I'm trying to think the last time we had a good-looking president, though. Probably not since JFK. While Bill Clinton could look sartorially elegant, he's not what I'd call magazine handsome or anything.

Cantankerous 03.05.2008 08:43 AM

JFK was not good looking. sorry kids.


chelsea even makes the same scary faces
oh jesus

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