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atsonicpark 05.16.2007 01:45 AM

nintendon't (don cab, radiohead, dillinger, etc. fans check out...)

This is a little project I was kinda involved in a little bit ago... you might get a kick out of it.

8-bit covers of some songs...

atsonicpark 05.16.2007 02:00 PM

I guess no one cares about 8-bit covers of 43% Burnt and Everything in its right place and delivering groceries at 150bpm. Oh well!

Trasher02 05.16.2007 02:15 PM

Haha that's nice!

Trasher02 05.16.2007 02:15 PM

I love the powerglove.
It's SO bad.

The radiohead cover is awesome.

fishmonkey 05.16.2007 02:35 PM

that is fuckin awesome, that radiohead cover was amazing, such a mental idea for covers. i really really am very impressed. well done.

atsonicpark 05.16.2007 03:06 PM

thanks, figured some people would dig it... it's not like it was difficult to do, but it's cool to hear.

SolidZach 05.18.2007 09:15 AM

Well done, id like to hear more if you do any.

Everyneurotic 05.18.2007 09:17 AM

so the limited time offer is up? fuck, i didn't get to hear them.

PAULYBEE2656 05.19.2007 06:25 AM

shit, misssed out on the listen too. adam, you need to do a comp cdr with yr shit on it!!!!

sarramkrop 05.19.2007 06:36 AM

I have listened to so much of this type of stuff, a lot of it is not that much fun, after a while.

atsonicpark 05.19.2007 08:43 AM

oh shit

i wasn't running the page... so i dunno what happened to it :|

atsonicpark 03.30.2010 07:19 AM


atsonicpark 03.30.2010 07:24 AM

hah the best one is the minus the bear one, i had nothing to do with that one

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