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nokill 05.19.2006 06:53 PM

zeppelin v sy

a lot of the current results make me wanna piss myself

finding nobody 05.19.2006 07:34 PM

seems a little random. but that's not even a question for me

acousticrock87 05.19.2006 07:43 PM

I had to vote against bands I loved because of a slightly better band, and I had to vote for bands I've never heard of just to spite their competitors. Horrible match-ups, even in the first round. SY vs. Zeppelin? That's not really fair. I'm suprised SY got as much as it did. At least the Stooges stand a chance. Metallica vs. Little Richard...?

Magic Wheel Memory 05.19.2006 10:03 PM

That's like asking if you'd rather walk to school or bring your lunch.

finding nobody 05.19.2006 10:17 PM


Originally Posted by Magic Wheel Memory
That's like asking if you'd rather walk to school or bring your lunch.

haha! exactly.

golden child 05.19.2006 11:25 PM

yeah and read the comments, people were acually voting for the ramones


golden child 05.19.2006 11:37 PM

Has ANYONE ever heard of Radiohead? Give me a break with these obscure bands.


John Violence 05.19.2006 11:37 PM

Fuck Zep I voted SY.

golden child 05.19.2006 11:39 PM

and oasis is beating run-dmc


i need to get off this site, its pissing the shit outta me

EMMAh 05.20.2006 12:00 AM

Some of them are really close...

finding nobody 05.20.2006 12:18 AM

ok you guys.

bjork vs. frank sinatra

Protectmeyou 05.20.2006 05:15 AM

Tupac V Journey!!!

Ha ha ha!


Protectmeyou 05.20.2006 05:20 AM

Coldplay V Janis Joplin

Simon & Garfunkel V Outkast

Beatles V Yeah Yeah Yeah's

this is bloody hilarious!!!

SpectralJulianIsNotDead 05.20.2006 10:51 AM

Joy Division vs. Radiohead? Is there even a fucking contest there? Or Elton John vs. TMBG? WTF? Or Doors vs. Depeche Mode?

SpectralJulianIsNotDead 05.20.2006 10:56 AM

Oh my god, Green Day is beating Hank Williams?

Inhuman 05.20.2006 11:02 AM

What? I wonder if those Radiohead fans have ever heard Joy Division. I love both, but they don't compare at all. This site's retarded. If this site was a person I'd slam him in a ditch.

golden child 05.20.2006 12:49 PM

if defense of the horrible line-ups, they didnt choose them.
its like a ncaa bracket (which you can view on the site)
who ever wins goes on to the next round to compete with another winner

they are in the thrid round now but animal collective lost in the very first

Trasher02 05.20.2006 01:07 PM

The comments are so fucking lame!
that website is fucking depressing...

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