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Sonic Youth 37 08.04.2008 12:34 AM


Everyneurotic 08.04.2008 12:41 AM

the hum of the computer and my thoughts exploding and drifting.

Death & the Maiden 08.04.2008 04:42 AM

Pink Floyd - London 1966/1967

fugazifan 08.04.2008 05:24 AM

dead c-harsh 70's reality
ive had this on my computer for a while and listened to it a bit, but not really. i a now hearing it and it is blowing my mind!

Norma J 08.04.2008 05:26 AM

watching Alice In Chains Unplugged.
acquired it for $3 from work. love.

gmku 08.04.2008 08:12 AM


marleypumpkin 08.04.2008 10:02 AM



stu666 08.04.2008 11:04 AM

Live In Lincoln 1990

Kosako 08.04.2008 11:07 AM

Nothin' really!

Rob Instigator 08.04.2008 11:13 AM


EMMAh 08.04.2008 02:19 PM

And Again - Fleas and Lice

viewtiful_alan 08.04.2008 02:26 PM


At Mount Zoomer by Wolf Parade.
Great packaging on this one, but then again it is a Sub Pop release.

_slavo_ 08.04.2008 02:53 PM

is it better than Apologies for Queen Mary? Used to like that record a lot back in the days.

viewtiful_alan 08.04.2008 02:55 PM

I wouldn't say its better. but its by no means considerably worse.
Its deffinitley a good listen and worth picking up. The songs are all pretty strong.

gmku 08.04.2008 04:31 PM

Mix tapes.

fugazifan 08.04.2008 06:06 PM

stereolab-chemical chords
great album

EMMAh 08.04.2008 06:52 PM

Who the Fuck? - PJ Harvey

atari 2600 08.04.2008 06:56 PM

maybe i'll start to chronicle the minutiae of my listening experiences

so far today
Kate Bush - Hounds of Love up until the bonus remixes part

Coltrane - Coltrane (Prestige, 1957)

The Name of This Band is Talking Heads most of disc 1

currently Led Zeppelin disc 1 of "Three Days Before"
5/28/73 Sports Arena San Diego sbd x2

viewtiful_alan 08.04.2008 07:26 PM


Originally Posted by stu666
Live In Lincoln 1990

Do you listen to any non-bootleg recordings?

EMMAh 08.04.2008 07:35 PM

Walk like a Zombie - HorrorPops

Haha at first I typed HorrorPopes.

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