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louder 08.20.2014 12:28 PM


krischanski 08.20.2014 01:06 PM


D.R.I. - Thrash Zone

Bytor Peltor 08.20.2014 02:20 PM


It may be an old joke, but I hadn't seen it so it's new to me :)


Originally Posted by The Soup Nazi

Old joke, I know.

pony 08.20.2014 06:10 PM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 08.23.2014 03:01 PM



Mattgazer 08.23.2014 04:13 PM

I'm listening to this post rock/ambient/shoegaze artist called Donaldcrunk
It's kinda reminds me of the postal service meets My bloody valentine

Blood_Promise 08.23.2014 05:50 PM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 08.23.2014 06:17 PM



Blood_Promise 08.23.2014 06:25 PM


Originally Posted by Dr. Eugene Felikson

the greatest

Dr. Eugene Felikson 08.24.2014 01:10 AM

^ Just picked it up for a buck at the thrift shop. Needed some CD's for my car.


Dr. Eugene Felikson 08.24.2014 04:03 AM


Blood_Promise 08.24.2014 04:23 AM


Mattgazer 08.24.2014 05:55 AM

For fans of the raincoats, the sundays and the field mice

Dr. Eugene Felikson 08.25.2014 07:29 PM




I bought some CD's today! :p

Blood_Promise 08.26.2014 04:21 AM


listening for the first time... I'm overcome with feelings I never knew

Bytor Peltor 08.26.2014 08:32 AM


Bytor Peltor 08.26.2014 07:44 PM


noisereductions 08.26.2014 08:45 PM

the dood Eugene is listening to some good stuff lately.

stu666 08.27.2014 12:52 PM


Originally Posted by Severian
Wanna give me a rundown of your thoughts on this, boss? Beautiful cover art as usual, but Mascis's solo junk has always left me a bit cold.

However, I have snuck a peek at "Every Morning" and a few other tracks, and I'm happy to hear that he's not going acoustic again. Sorry, but without the feedback, Mascis's guitar playing does not match the psychedelic spaciness promised by the artwork. His traditionalist roots become exposed, and he sounds more like an actual "dinosaur" than an ironic, rebellious punk rock descendent of one.

But I'm not a hater- hater's gonna hate, and I ain't hatin'. I just think J is more of a feedback/effects manipulator than anything else. Without his trusty pedals and stacks, he just isn't J. Kinda like how Thurston Moore is a master of alternate tunings and experimental variations on traditional rhythm guitar methods. Listening to J play solo acoustic is about as exciting as hearing Sonic Youth play in standard tuning. Might as well watch a castrated bull try to fuck a cow.

I like it.

Having my second listen now....

Mattgazer 08.27.2014 03:41 PM

Gleemer- Holyland USA
For fans of Galaxie 500, LOW, Codeine and Slowdive


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