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startur 04.02.2011 04:03 PM

any junya tokuda song i can get my hands on...

Torn Curtain 04.02.2011 04:03 PM

Warpaint - Weissenhäuser Strand, 12/13 Nov 2010 (DVD, from dime)

chrome noise tape 04.02.2011 04:40 PM


Torn Curtain 04.02.2011 05:02 PM

Mylène Farmer & Jean-Louis Murat - Regrets

I really love that song (even though Mylène Farmer usually really sucks, her voice blends marvelously with Murat's beautiful deep voice)

Pelle 04.03.2011 07:31 AM

Bathtubshitter - some mixtape I got from a friend. Don't know what EP or song im listening to right now.

SYRFox 04.03.2011 07:41 AM


stu666 04.04.2011 06:31 AM

You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to halfeatencake again.

been listening to Cody Ranaldo

Torn Curtain 04.04.2011 08:26 AM

Grouper - Alien observer

a-p a. niemi 04.04.2011 08:45 AM


Torn Curtain 04.04.2011 10:32 AM

Neil Young - Ambulance blues

Pelle 04.04.2011 10:45 AM

Ultraviolence - Hardcore Motherfucker

Torn Curtain 04.04.2011 02:48 PM

Pink Floyd - Echoes

floatingslowly 04.04.2011 02:57 PM

floatingslowly classic EPs #666

Andrew Eldritch <sisters of mercy>
Patricia Morrison <the gun club>
Alan Vega <suicide>
Doktor Avalanche <Andrew Eldritch + Roland drum machine>

album released solely to prevent Wayne Hussey from stealing the name.

go go go The Mission (UK)

SYRFox 04.04.2011 02:58 PM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 04.04.2011 03:08 PM


SYRFox 04.04.2011 03:21 PM


Antagon 04.04.2011 03:49 PM

Machines Of Loving Grace - Butterfly Wings

deflinus 04.04.2011 11:35 PM


i haven't been moved by an album in a long time.
i have to see him live at some point. it just climbed up on my list

EVOLghost 04.05.2011 12:06 AM


a friend of mine says it's rather repetitive. but I dig. it. finally got my vinyl version a few weeks back. sweet love it is.

chrome noise tape 04.05.2011 12:58 AM


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