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Savage Clone 12.02.2006 06:40 PM

Good News/Bad News for Hayden
The bad news:
People will always suck and society will always be a pain in the ass to live in. The monumental nature of your predicament will never change. I am sorry to say this, but this has been my experience.

The good news:
You will develop the tools to combat this in time. These will likely include a high-functioning, complex denial system and an ability to eventually construct a societal "bubble" in which you can insulate yourself with the few other souls you find to be of like mind and temperament. You will be blissfully unaware of "general society" most of the time.

You will still have episodes of rageful despair, but they will happen less often. The downside to that is the fact that they will be pretty severe. You will learn to concentrate on retaining a shred of your soul and preserving your own world; this will be easier when you are out of school and "general society" plays less of a major role in your life.

I'm not trying to patronize you or minimize the way you are feeling, because in many ways I feel the same. It might not get a LOT better, but it will get better, especially relative to how much you actually have to deal with general societal crap.

I'm not trying to pull the whole "lemme tell you how it is, sonny" trip on you either, I swear. You can take it or leave it, of course.
I'm just trying to say I sympathize with your point of view.

You can commence with continued cutting remarks about my value as a human being now.

Bytor Peltor 12.02.2006 08:53 PM

WOW - the Clone waxing poetic with some words of wisdom to live by. Not exactly sure what all Mr. Hayden is dealing with, but I know the Clone wouldn't steer anyone wrong. Keep your head up Hayden and things will get better.

king_buzzo 12.03.2006 06:17 AM


static-harmony 12.03.2006 06:41 AM

I stopped caring about society and I feel fine, the worldview I had of the world used to suck, now that I am doing my thing I feel much better.

jon boy 12.03.2006 07:00 AM


Originally Posted by porkmarras
America cares for its children.


i hate to use it but lol. i did.

h8kurdt 12.03.2006 07:41 AM


Originally Posted by porkmarras
Jokes aside,Hayden i know that you hate me and you'd rather my life was confined to knitting scarves and organize better and more cuntish posts but here's a few tips that might help you coping with severe bouts of depression,if they might be of any use:
1-If you can,cut down on the coffee because if drunk in large doses it can trigger distressful anxiety attacks and blind panic.
2-If you have spotted signs of depression within yourself,make sure that you stay the fuck outta drugs and alcohol as the euphoria that you might feel under their effects will cripple your brain when the fun has gone.
3-Try to communicate as best as you can to the people closer to you that you have certain boundaries and needs and don't feel ashamed to remind them if you feel like those boundaries have been crossed.
4-Most 'normal' jobs are shit and most 'normal' people who work in them are shit too.Keep in mind that bills have to be paid and look at a brighter future when you can express yourself in the way that you should(be it the arts,car-washing or whatever)
5-What doesn't kill you it makes you stronger.This is indeed true but don't take for granted that anything that looks or sound 'risky' is worth spending time fiddling with.
6-Eat those veggies and drink plenty of water.
7-Most people are worthless but not all of them.
8-Get some sleep.
9-Stop fancying people on the internet.They run to other forums the minute you turn your back.

This guy speaks the truth for once. First and foremost-Actually want to stop yourself from being miserable. I've noticed that most people,when depressed actually (rather sadistically) like to wallow in their dutifulness.

h8kurdt 12.03.2006 09:15 AM


Originally Posted by porkmarras
I'm glad we can at least agree on something,Pippy Longstocking.There are also more complex issues,though.It is a little known fact how widespread mental issues are amongst young/not so young gay men.You'd be shocked to find out,for instance,that self-harming is incredibly popular with teenagers in general and more so for those who have to also cope with sexuality issues.The only way something like that can mostly be resolved is with precise counselling and the help of loved ones at setting their foot down.

Hmm...Pippy Longstocking. Y'know that is pretty close to my real name. Philip Lawson. I actually like that name, Pippy Longstocking.

And yes with help from his loved ones here and his loved ones in the semi-real world Hayden will pull through:)

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