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chabib 03.20.2006 04:24 PM

what are you listening to?
ok. here's a thread in which to document yr aural addictions.

hat and beard 03.21.2006 02:20 AM


nonesuch explorer series - golden rain

beautiful & strange gamelan music from bali

youthoftomorrow 03.21.2006 02:23 AM

Currently, I'm listening to this bass line I came up with about an hour ago over and over again in my head. It's great.

krastian 03.21.2006 02:28 AM

The tv...what's up everybody!

Magic Bullet Blender 03.21.2006 02:29 AM

I was just listening to this on the bus as I was driving to work. Made me think I was still asleep.


Windy & Carl - Consciousness

Now I'm listening to the computer humming and robot noises in the background.

noumenal 03.21.2006 02:30 AM

I'm listening to Improvisations by Frances-Marie Uitti and Elliott Sharp again. It is awesome.

marleypumpkin 03.21.2006 02:43 AM

I am listening to Dinosaur Jr.'s "BUG". I will be listening to them until April 7. 'Til The Orange Peel show.

schizophrenicroom 03.21.2006 02:45 AM

I'm listening to the Butthole Surfers' mighty Locust Abortion Technician.

A Thousand Threads 03.21.2006 03:08 AM

now its

Gang Gang Dance - Gods Money

Im going to see them live soon
hell yeah

toxic johnny 03.21.2006 03:32 AM




Sn@ke 03.21.2006 04:10 AM


Lightning Bolt - Ride The Skies.

schizophrenicroom 03.21.2006 04:24 AM

That's my favorite LB album.

I got Glenn Branca on- Symphony No. 2.

shentov 03.21.2006 04:37 AM

Merzbow- Tamago

*edit* ouch! my first post on this board!

noumenal 03.21.2006 04:39 AM

I just noticed Hip Priest signed I'm listening to Hip Priest by The Fall.

I got my last clean dirty shirt outta the wardrobe
I got my last clean dirty shirt outta the wardrobe

twistal 03.21.2006 06:12 AM

My roommate having sex upstairs is listening to South American psych-folk at 5AM. Thanks dood.

whorefrost 03.21.2006 06:17 AM

this morning i listened to some No New York whilst getting ready for uni... been on a bit of a Whitehouse binge as of late although i think i'll have to reduce my dosage of noise as it's making me a bit withdrawn....

Hip Priest 03.21.2006 06:27 AM

I can hear my work colleagues doing their stuff. I should be doing my stuff, but I'm preoccupied with this at the moment.

twistal 03.21.2006 06:34 AM


Originally Posted by A Thousand Threads
haha and now what are you listening to, twistal
a)your roommate having sex

The sex. It sounds like those kids are having a good time.

jon boy 03.21.2006 06:34 AM

i am listening to six organs of admitance school of the flower.

VelcroBananapiels 03.21.2006 08:42 AM

i have carla b's "blue eyes...." going on Itunes, but i can bearly hear it over the screaming leprechaun in my head

VelcroBananapiels 03.21.2006 08:43 AM

by the way, what is this "distinguished road" that i am supposedly on??

Sonic Youth 37 03.21.2006 09:46 AM

Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Show Your Bones

It's alot different from "Fever To Tell" and the cd release in the US has different tracks than my version.

Signpost 03.21.2006 10:01 AM

Stereolab - ABC Music: BBC Radio 1 Sessions

finding nobody 03.21.2006 10:04 AM

legacy of brutality by the misfits

PAULYBEE2656 03.21.2006 10:19 AM



and next.....

Jt 03.21.2006 10:24 AM

Anyone here heard much Live Skull?


Good stuff. Really, really good stuff. Imagine a kind of Branca-inspired BMR-crossed-with-Sister sort of deal, and Kim doing the vocals all the time.

Released around the same time as Daydream, I believe.

Inhuman 03.21.2006 10:46 AM

Don Caballero - Don Caballero II

Gulasch Noir 03.21.2006 11:01 AM

sticky what are you listening to threads are boring. listening the the # 3 of the skaters' dark rye bread

whorefrost 03.21.2006 11:01 AM

LIVE SKULL - i have a couple of their records.... one i found second hand in a store in amsterdam... dusted it's called... it's not in great shape.. side A scratched to shit... but it was cheap... I scored Snuffer off ebay... both are solid records although i feel their music didn't age as well as a lot of other 80s indie stuff... i don't get all the SY, Swans comparisons either... to me Live Skull aren't all that noisy... still quite cool tho...

Inhuman 03.21.2006 11:11 AM


ISIS - Panopticon

porkmarras 03.21.2006 11:45 AM

just got back home and right now im listening to
a promo comp called deafening divinities with aural affinities(it has a great remix of main's blown+sundial,daniel ash,carnival art,polyphemus etc) and next im gonna put on tlon uqbar ''la bola perdida''

Inhuman 03.21.2006 11:46 AM

Weights & Measures - Effective way of removing the pants

screamingskull 03.21.2006 12:18 PM


Inhuman 03.21.2006 12:24 PM

Simon Guibord - Aspect

He's an excellent Electronica artist from Hull, Quebec Canada.

shentov 03.21.2006 12:38 PM

berry fifty eight
good work, sam
and SY's Made in USA Theme [outtake] from their Myspace.

Everyneurotic 03.21.2006 12:40 PM

so is this the eternal thread?

perfectwagnerite 03.21.2006 12:44 PM

Derek Bailey Mirakle


spiritbears 03.21.2006 12:51 PM

SEDNA.......(SB +PBJONes)

Inhuman 03.21.2006 01:08 PM


Originally Posted by porkmarras
i find threads like these equally boring and very informative.On one side you have people who open your ears to new or old but always interesting music and then you have people that simply listen to the same obvious litany over and over again(and thats fine but,how can i say,personally i find it isnt)

It is repetitive, for sure. But it also provides an oppertunity for users to interact and discuss bands that they both enjoy.

Toxa 03.21.2006 01:14 PM


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