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noisereductions 09.16.2008 02:28 PM

Agreed. It's weird because he's sort of Weezy's mentor, but he's been far surpassed and now just sort of rides coat tails.

king_buzzo 09.16.2008 02:32 PM


Torn Curtain 09.16.2008 02:47 PM

Dhafer Youssef Quartet - JazzCologne 2006, Stadtgarten, Konzertsaal, Köln October 27, 2006 FM (from dime)

MellySingsDoom 09.16.2008 03:25 PM


Everyneurotic 09.16.2008 03:34 PM

i saw getatchew mekurya like a month ago with the ex!! fucking fantastic show.


me black n' rolling all over with:


Torn Curtain 09.16.2008 04:21 PM

Radiohead - Pinkpop festival, Landgraaf, Netherlands, May 27, 1996 FM (from dime)

Derek 09.16.2008 04:34 PM


This Is Not Here 09.16.2008 07:15 PM


atari 2600 09.16.2008 07:48 PM

i haven't listened to the town hall concert in awhile, this is not the "Animals" spoken-word track on the packaging...the discs are cool too the white/silver and silver/white
"Special___thanks____to_____Lou___Reed" ... see i have it haha
read'll like (if you haven't read it already)

jamming to a little filth & the fury disc 2 demos & rarities...sometimes i think these guys were the best ever...anyway, great while having a drink


jon boy 09.16.2008 07:51 PM

czech nymphs (ashtray navigations offshoot)

batreleaser 09.16.2008 07:52 PM

all punk today (anarcho, hardcore, art, wierd, etc..) i havnt listened to anything new in 2 days.

now: the voidoids-blank generation

crass-penis envy, christ the album, feeding of the 5000
conflict-the ungovernable force, increase the pressure
the dead boys-young loud and snotty
the nausea self titled demo (dropped too much cash on this, its ok but not worth 40 bucks)
the dead kennedys-fresh fruit
d.o.a.-hardcore 81

batreleaser 09.16.2008 07:53 PM


Originally Posted by jon boy
czech nymphs (ashtray navigations offshoot)

ill be sure to check out, how does it hold up to ashnav? they were amazing.

terriblecanyons 09.17.2008 02:05 AM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
What is that?

Brand New - The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me

noisereductions 09.17.2008 07:14 AM


✌➬ 09.17.2008 07:15 AM

Was listening to Berlin- pleasure Victim.

Now Britney Spears-Blackout.

noisereductions 09.17.2008 07:26 AM

Pleasure Victim is awesome... and I actually meant to get the Britney album since it came out, but never got around to it. A lot of what I read about it made it sound like it'd actually be her best.

✌➬ 09.17.2008 07:27 AM

It is actually one of her best albums. It's one hell of a good pop album.

atsonicpark 09.17.2008 07:29 AM

popol vuh

noisereductions 09.17.2008 07:30 AM


Originally Posted by ✌➬
It is actually one of her best albums. It's one hell of a good pop album.

I heard like 2 or 3 tracks from it over time, and always thought that the production was really good... reminded me of ANNIEMAL or something.

✌➬ 09.17.2008 07:31 AM

Yeah, give it a try download it from somewhere.

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