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uhler 01.20.2008 12:07 PM


Originally Posted by Norma J
7" ?

I want to it it but can't find it.

i don't think it's out yet. i should've said just the song and not single. i was listening to it through their myspace profile.

uhler 01.20.2008 12:12 PM


Dead-Air 01.20.2008 02:25 PM

"The Yellow Princess" by John Fahey off of The Essential John Fahey

gmku 01.20.2008 05:37 PM


Originally Posted by gmku


The color vinyl copy is the most fun to look at. It's so pretty. But the mono mix (lower left) is by far the best sounding.

One of these copies--I think the lower right--is a cheesy Polydor German reissue I purchased when I lived in Germany. Single jacket, no photos on back. Why would they do that!? But the vinyl sounds good. Europeans used great quality vinyl in the 70s and 80s.

Toilet & Bowels 01.20.2008 06:11 PM

today i listened to:

guided by voices
third ear band

Torn Curtain 01.21.2008 05:32 AM

The Grifters - Dublin Castle, London, UK, 1996-02-05 & Peel session, London, UK, 1996-02-04 (from dime)

Death & the Maiden 01.21.2008 06:18 AM

The Stooges - Fun House

Death & the Maiden 01.21.2008 06:18 AM

Television - Marquee Moon

sonic sphere 01.21.2008 06:46 AM

the warlocks-pheonix

Onani Nic 01.21.2008 07:05 AM

Repulsion - Horrified


whorefrost 01.21.2008 07:54 AM

Bark Haze - Total Joke Era
Gate - Amerika
Jim O'Rourke and Loren Mazzacane Connors - In Bern

stu666 01.21.2008 08:29 AM

APHEX TWIN @ ATP U.C.L.A. > 16 mar 02 < Complete show ((from 2 DAT MASTERS)) by tranehead

sonic sphere 01.21.2008 11:16 AM

the doors-waiting for the sun

screamingskull 01.21.2008 11:28 AM


I keep listening to it very loudly on trains, he he he he he :) :) :)

screamingskull 01.21.2008 11:58 AM

sonic sphere 01.21.2008 12:21 PM

neil young with crazy horse-everybody knows this is nowhere

Dead-Air 01.21.2008 01:50 PM

"Time, Speed, Language" by Steve Fisk from 999 Levels Of Undo

Torn Curtain 01.21.2008 03:30 PM

Sonic Youth - 1986-05-28, Esplanade, Berlin AUD (rappard's torrent on dime)

Rob Instigator 01.21.2008 03:46 PM


Originally Posted by screamingskull

I keep listening to it very loudly on trains, he he he he he :) :) :)

the first song on that is so fucking awesome.

Torn Curtain 01.21.2008 05:13 PM

King Crimson - Red

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