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Inhuman 08.22.2007 06:34 PM

So far it's amazing! It's so different from sonic youth, but with the same thurston vocals. Many of the songs are just acoustic guitar with violin.

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 08.22.2007 06:36 PM

I think I might just pick it up.

Inhuman 08.22.2007 07:04 PM

I'm definitely picking it up. I don't even plan on listening to it again until it comes out to savor the flavor. It has this really warm, loving feeling to it if that makes any sense at all. I agree with Moshe and how it's 1000 times better than Rather Ripped

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 08.22.2007 07:06 PM

Aesop rock - fast cars

Norma J 08.22.2007 07:07 PM

The Shins: Wincing the Night Away.

kife 08.22.2007 11:26 PM

Slovenly - Thinking of Empire

gmku 08.22.2007 11:28 PM

Side 2 of Where You Been.

Why won't you believe me? This is an amazing LP.

totaltrassh 08.23.2007 12:14 AM


-the jesus and marychain

gmku 08.23.2007 12:34 AM

The Best of The Animals

gmku 08.23.2007 12:41 AM


Torn Curtain 08.23.2007 04:26 AM

Led Zeppelin - Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 1975/03/19 SBD (from dime)

sidonie2006 08.23.2007 07:23 AM

Rencontrer l'amour - First album

sarramkrop 08.23.2007 07:23 AM

Sounds from the Huygens "Microphone"

The Planetary Society has teamed up with the European Space Agency and the Huygens Atmospheric Structure Instrument team to bring you the sounds recorded by the Huygens probe during its harrowing descent through Titan's atmosphere. Here are the first sounds from Titan.

jon boy 08.23.2007 08:33 AM

birchville cat motel

jimbrim 08.23.2007 08:57 AM

Islaja - Ulual yyy

Signpost 08.23.2007 12:42 PM

Young Marble Giants - Colossal Youth

king_buzzo 08.23.2007 02:35 PM

Hum-Comin' Home

Florya 08.23.2007 02:52 PM

Throbbing Gristle - The Desertshore Installation

sarramkrop 08.23.2007 04:51 PM

Thanks to nicfit. Getting this tomorrow, I'm really enjoying it.

Torn Curtain 08.23.2007 04:58 PM

Nina Simone - I loves you, Porgy on youtube

EDIT: followed by her great Four women

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