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Norma J 08.20.2007 05:23 PM


Originally Posted by Onani Nic
OLD SKULL- C.I.A Drugfest Cassette.
Totally worth the $0.99 I bid on ebay.

"pizza man here's your tip....a bullet to the head"

You should so change that to your sig, man. That's a fucking great line haha.

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 08.20.2007 05:27 PM

Hella - Theres no 666 in space

Inhuman 08.20.2007 05:49 PM

Simon Guibord - Aspct

soapbars 08.20.2007 05:53 PM

in ribbons by pale saints

jimbrim 08.20.2007 06:11 PM


Savage Clone 08.20.2007 07:07 PM

Nice to see another Felt fan.
That's not one of my favorites of theirs, but still nice to see them on here.

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 08.20.2007 07:36 PM


Kallisti23chaos 08.20.2007 07:59 PM

Thunderbolt Pagoda

sarramkrop 08.21.2007 03:52 AM


Originally Posted by Pookie
I haven't listened to this for about 20 years. I have an urge to buy it again.

When I say that I prefer New Order to Joy Division, that's one of the albums that spring to mind. Unknown Pleasures has some great songs on it, though.

SynthethicalY 08.21.2007 04:21 AM


Torn Curtain 08.21.2007 04:56 AM

Helmet - Meantime (because of the Helmet threads)

Tokolosh 08.21.2007 05:39 AM

Svarte Greiner

king_buzzo 08.21.2007 09:49 AM

mogwai-auto rock

Toxa 08.21.2007 12:15 PM


Sheriff Rhys Chatham 08.21.2007 12:29 PM

Slanted and Enchanted

sun city girl 08.21.2007 12:34 PM


Torn Curtain 08.21.2007 02:46 PM

My Brightest Diamond - Berbati's Pan, Portland, OR December 8, 2006

sarramkrop 08.21.2007 03:00 PM

Burial Chamber Trio

gmku 08.21.2007 09:42 PM

Shake your rumpah...

Tmangia 08.21.2007 10:27 PM

wow! You guys listen to lots of many bands, most of them I don't even know how it sounds like!!! I do listen to lots of bands also, but sometimes I caught myself being desperate thinking what I'd want to listen at the moment an at the same time I want to listen all the records I have and absorb'em all. Does anyone felt like this?
(maybe I should start another thread?)

listening: 999 - Nobody Knows

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