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Everyneurotic 05.04.2006 09:02 AM

virus - revelation

prog rock the way it should be done


lee "scratch" perry - kung fu meets the dragon (thanks to dirty bunny, if i'm not mistaken, who uploaded it on the old board)

Savage Clone 05.04.2006 12:33 PM


Pablitzen 05.04.2006 01:27 PM

Xinlisupreme - All You Need Is Love Was Not True

Everyneurotic 05.04.2006 01:32 PM

last things i listened to:

suishou no fune - live 2002-2003 cdr
deerhoof - the runners four


golem - orion awakens

soapbars 05.04.2006 02:02 PM

susan vs youthclub by the fall

krastian 05.04.2006 02:38 PM

Flaming Lips-Hear It Is

Everyneurotic 05.04.2006 02:59 PM

richard hell and the voidoids - blank generation

Trasher02 05.04.2006 03:10 PM

Black Dice - Cone toaster and
Death from above 1979 - My love is shared

Hip Priest 05.04.2006 03:16 PM

AN old (mid-80's) 12" called 'Sharp As A Needle', by The Barmy Army (alias producer Adrian Sherwood). It's a tribute to Kenny Dalgleish, not that I'm a Liverpool fan, it's just a good record. The b-side is called 'England 2 Yugoslavia 0', but it's not as good.

Katy 05.04.2006 03:51 PM

crashing pots and pans, someone filling a kettle with water, footsteps, murmuring.

HaydenAsche 05.04.2006 04:08 PM


"I am helsabot--alcohol fueld robot."

Hip Priest 05.04.2006 04:08 PM

Now it's The Smiths 'Meat is Murder' LP, because I was looking at the poll scores. 'Rusholme Ruffians' at the moment.

Every song could have been a single off all four of their 'proper' LP's. Fantastic.

Savage Clone 05.04.2006 04:26 PM

Edgard Varese- The Varese Album

Pablitzen 05.04.2006 04:36 PM

SY - Sunday

mafushkwa 05.04.2006 04:38 PM

unrest - perfect teeth

Pablitzen 05.04.2006 05:24 PM

Windy & Carl - I Have Been Waiting To Hear Your Voice

Savage Clone 05.04.2006 05:37 PM

They were so awesome when I saw them at Terrastock. As minimal asI have ever seen them, but amazing.

Everyneurotic 05.04.2006 10:36 PM

amon düül II - live in london
talking heads - remain in light
fairport convention - unhalfbricking

waltercarson 05.05.2006 04:40 AM

eliane radigue - adnos 1-3
tod dockstader - eight electronic pieces
runzelstirn & gurgelstock / beast people split LP
sick llama - alien facial 3 & humane famine
sy - goo & what i've heard of Rather Ripped
Trojan Dub Box

screamingskull 05.05.2006 04:53 AM

Elliott Smith - Christian Brothers (from the album Elliott Smith)

the guitar opening to this is beautiful, the whole album is fucking beautiful!

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