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Unmade Bed 07.29.2006 05:37 PM

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
(Syd Barret: In Memoriam)

drrrtyboots 07.29.2006 05:39 PM

Animal Collective - Prospect Hummer EP

Cantankerous 07.29.2006 06:17 PM


Hip Priest 07.29.2006 06:23 PM

The Fall.

Savage Clone 07.29.2006 08:12 PM

The Rolling Stones?
The Fall?

You pretentious intellectual fuckers.

In keeping with that theme, I am presently enjoying "Earth Covers Earth" by Current 93, original LP pressing.

nomadicfollower 07.29.2006 08:52 PM

Talking Heads - 77

Anyone here want to reccommend me some classical music (broad, yes, so go at it)? Or will I be forced to start a thread?

acousticrock87 07.29.2006 09:00 PM

I hear that Bach guy is pretty good.

nomadicfollower 07.29.2006 09:03 PM


Originally Posted by acousticrock87
I that Bach guy is pretty good.

Yeah, I know some composers, but I don't know which works are worth listening to first before I delve deep into it all.

acousticrock87 07.29.2006 09:09 PM

Oops. Meant to say "I hear that Bach..."

I don't really know much about classical music. I do sometimes go see performances or renditions or whatever, which is always cool. You might want to see if there are some performances at a local college or something and keep track of what they're playing on the program, and look into the stuff you like.

Cantankerous 07.29.2006 11:16 PM


krastian 07.29.2006 11:24 PM


k-krack 07.29.2006 11:25 PM

im going through media player alphabetically. right now its Baby Britain- Elliott Smith.. almost over.... bang, over. Babylon Was Built On Fire/Starsnostars- Silver Mt. Zion

acousticrock87 07.29.2006 11:48 PM

Baby Britain is probably one of my favorite Elliott Smith songs. I'm listening to XO.

k-krack 07.29.2006 11:56 PM


Originally Posted by acousticrock87
Baby Britain is probably one of my favorite Elliott Smith songs. I'm listening to XO.

nice, im glad i inspired you!

bloom 07.30.2006 12:51 AM

Leaving Songs by Stuart Staples

Cantankerous 07.30.2006 12:52 AM


CHOUT 07.30.2006 01:42 AM

Dave Allen of Gang Of 4's podcast. He plays early influences and stuff. Pretty cool.

sonic sphere 07.30.2006 05:12 PM

ramones-we're outta here-the last show

Trasher02 07.30.2006 07:00 PM

daze - i'm your tamagotchi

Cantankerous 07.30.2006 09:43 PM


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