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Kuwa_Slayne 05.20.2009 08:30 PM


Dead-Air 05.20.2009 08:36 PM

Led Zeppelin I (and yes, it IS their best album).

noisereductions 05.20.2009 08:50 PM

Eminem - Relapse (again)

Sonic Youth 37 05.20.2009 09:02 PM


Mono Mix

Sonic Youth 37 05.20.2009 10:08 PM


SuperCreep 05.20.2009 11:15 PM


viewtiful_alan 05.21.2009 12:41 AM

Tuesday Afternoon:

Fuckin Birdman Really holds this album down.

sarramkrop 05.21.2009 01:44 AM

Jimmy Page - Lucifer Rising soundtrack

atsonicpark 05.21.2009 02:05 AM

^^^ That album's fucking crazy saram. Just heard that for the first time recently. I prefer the soundtrack Kenneth Anger went with but that Jimmy Page one is pretty cool too.

sarramkrop 05.21.2009 02:17 AM

Do you mean the Bobby Beausoleil and The Freedom Orchestra one? I much prefer the Jimmy Page one.

atsonicpark 05.21.2009 02:38 AM

the Bobby Beausoleil one. Never even heard of there being a Freedom Orchestra one. The Bobby Beausoleil just builds and builds and goes perfect with the images. Granted, I've never watched the film with Page's music playing at the same time.. maybe I should try that later.

otearai 05.21.2009 02:55 AM

liars - drum and the uncomfortable can

al shabbray 05.21.2009 06:18 AM


Schizophrenia 05.21.2009 06:44 AM



al shabbray 05.21.2009 06:45 AM


gravediggaz-6 feet deep

atsonicpark 05.21.2009 07:05 AM

fuck yea gravediggaz kick ass

al shabbray 05.21.2009 07:08 AM


Originally Posted by atsonicpark
fuck yea gravediggaz kick ass

ooooh yes, that album is flawless.

prince paul and rza should do more often that kind of perfect beats

atsonicpark 05.21.2009 07:11 AM

I'm listening to the whore gives head - burning an innocent child. Really love the song "Fuck you, God" as well as the classic "Look Like Your God Died, Fucker" and the party hit "Rapin' Whores Tonight". When I'm feelin' mellow I put on "God THinks Rape is Cute" and "Menstruation Hurts.. Doesn't It, Bitch?"

noisereductions 05.21.2009 07:16 AM

viewtiful, I agree that (strangely) Birdman is the star of LIKE FATHER LIKE SON.

atsonic, YEAH Gravediggaz rule. Or more specifically, that album does. The others were just okay. But Prince Paul knew what he was doing with that one.

speaking of which, anybody ever listen to USA by The Flatlinerz? I remember both of those albums being highly publicized as the new Horror-Core subgenre (before ICP blew up), but over the years most people seem to have forgotten Flatlinerz. It's a good record. Very, very different than Gravediggaz.

Mrs. Butcher 05.21.2009 07:20 AM


total pettibon rip. probably intentional. musics pretty good though.

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