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nicfit 03.25.2009 08:49 AM


pantophobia 03.25.2009 08:56 AM


greedrex 03.25.2009 09:41 AM

mineral - endserenading

the dude's voice is so annoyingly emo. instrumental please.

Sonic Youth 37 03.25.2009 09:51 AM


batreleaser 03.25.2009 12:08 PM

idea fire company-the island of taste (i heard this the other day for the first time and have already listened to it seven times since, next to hospitals "hair dryer peace" its kmy fave thing of last year, scott foust is a bit of a genius)

meat puppets-around the sun
fnu ronnies stuff
tons of non billy bao mattin stuff i downloaded off his website

greedrex 03.25.2009 12:13 PM


Kegmama 03.25.2009 12:21 PM


EvdWee 03.25.2009 12:37 PM


noisereductions 03.25.2009 12:46 PM

You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to greedrex again.

You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Kegmama again.

batreleaser 03.25.2009 12:49 PM

listening to lambsbread-stereo mars casette, they are gettin more psychedelic but definitely not any less brutal. im beginning to respect the fact that all thier music sounds fairly identical but there is really no other band that has a sound like them. they get compared to harry pussy but in reality there is nothing in common between the two, lambsbread is psychedelic hardcore filth made for junkies.

now im going to put in the graham lambkin and jason lescaleet collab "the breadwinner", another record that has become a top 5 fave of 08 that i never heard because i was too busy jacking it to the hospitals all year.

batreleaser 03.25.2009 01:06 PM

now slicing grandpa-chaos midnight

batreleaser 03.25.2009 01:09 PM

slicing grandpa rules by the way. if you are a fan of noisy but still conceputual bands like smegma, caroliner, noggin, etc.. youll love this. shit-noise to the max but with a humorous bent and a collage sort of sound. they have been around forever but seem to now really be getting accepted. they dont crush the listener like most noise, instead they just tweak you the fuck out. i cant really say enough good about this band (except for the fact that one of the guys is a huge fan of ween, uhhhhh), they are the logical heirs to the butthole surfers fucked up throne.

batreleaser 03.25.2009 01:10 PM

they remind me of the wierder psychic tv records too, like "n.y. scum haters".

sonic sphere 03.25.2009 02:30 PM

the west coast pop art experimental band-vol. 3: a child's guide to good & evil

SuperCreep 03.25.2009 03:31 PM


blowing my mind.

viewtiful_alan 03.25.2009 04:12 PM



sonic sphere 03.25.2009 04:32 PM

wu-tang clan-iron flag

terminal pharmacy 03.25.2009 04:35 PM


Rob Instigator 03.25.2009 04:45 PM


terminal pharmacy 03.25.2009 04:49 PM


Originally Posted by Rob Instigator

I listened to this just yesterday

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