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sonic sphere 02.14.2009 06:54 AM

sonic youth-syr 1

lechaoscestmoi 02.14.2009 07:20 AM

weezer - only in dreams.

atsonicpark 02.14.2009 07:23 AM

dreamer - only in weez.

lechaoscestmoi 02.14.2009 07:26 AM

inner - weez dreams only.

atsonicpark 02.14.2009 07:32 AM

onlyer - dreams in weez.

sonic sphere 02.14.2009 08:41 AM

stevie wonder-fulfillingness' first finale

Florya 02.14.2009 08:58 AM


Florya 02.14.2009 09:17 AM


Trasher02 02.14.2009 09:37 AM


Fantastic record! I'm really into this lately.

Florya 02.14.2009 11:07 AM


sonic sphere 02.14.2009 12:12 PM

syd barrett-barrett

Dead-Air 02.14.2009 01:05 PM

"Nommo's Ark" by Muslimgauze from Classics Selection

sonic sphere 02.14.2009 02:57 PM

the velvet underground-1969:velvet underground live vol.1

demonrail666 02.14.2009 04:29 PM


stu666 02.14.2009 04:59 PM


pokkeherrie 02.14.2009 05:00 PM


quite possibly the best release of 2008.

SYRFox 02.14.2009 05:10 PM


batreleaser 02.14.2009 06:06 PM

right now: tony conrad-fantastic glissando; noise done the right way. well thought out and composed done with lots of unique intsruments and electronic setups and delivered in an effective and emotional setting.

earlier i was in an electronica mood of various types. particularly:

NON-Blood and Flame (an amazing example of cold, harsh as fuck, and sonically diverse industrial music, the best album Boyd Rice ever did)

and Mad Mike-Death Stat (anyone who thinks techno and electronica and acid is all glowsticks, methamphetamine, cheesy synths, baggy pants, and happy hardcore really needs to listen to some early Detroit Techno. Like the MC5/Stooges did for Rock n Roll in Motown, as did the 60s free jazz contingent did for Detorit Jazz in the 60s, and Motown did for Soul, the early 80s detroit techno producders put thier own unique gritty and industrialized detroit sensibilities on dance music. These guys took all sorts odf random electronic bangs and clatters and environmental squeels, sped them all up in a massive rhythmic dirge and beats emerged. The music gets my head banging like crazy. Its almost like a super sped up, tribalistic brand of industrial music. Like Marvin Gaye could get the people moving while singing about Vietnam's body count, Even though it gets you dancing, it's not nescesarrily "happy" music. Good stuff, to me anyways.

I also listened to the Thurston collab with Don Dietrich and Jim Sauter (borbetomagus) collab "Barefoot in the Head". That's a fucking great Thurston album no one talks about. His distinct guitar stylings fit in right well with the vicious squall of Borbeto's Sax/Guitar psycho-jazz. Prolly because not many SY fans like Borbeto and vice versa. But me, I like both quite a bit.

HaydenAsche 02.14.2009 06:10 PM


Danny Himself 02.14.2009 06:14 PM


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