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EVOLghost 06.16.2014 08:24 PM

blonde redhead on shuffle.

last song just played.....'the dress'

louder 06.17.2014 06:06 AM


louder 06.17.2014 03:45 PM

Surfer Rosa has most of my fav Pixies songs on it. it's not really close for me, heh.

louder 06.17.2014 03:54 PM


Originally Posted by foreverasskiss
Kanye West - Yeezus. fucking awesome!!

i have a new sound system now. my previous speakers were treble shit. so it sounds good.:)

i'm wondering how his next album will sound like. do you think he's gonna pull another 180? maybe another Yeezus except with more soul and jazz elements and preferably better, deeper lyrics.. though knowing it's Kanye i'll love it regardless.

noisereductions 06.17.2014 05:24 PM

New Lana Del Rey

Torn Curtain 06.17.2014 05:37 PM

St. Vincent - Primavera 2014

louder 06.17.2014 05:47 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
New Lana Del Rey

how is it?


Originally Posted by foreverasskiss
i don't know but i love Yeezus now.

lol me and my drunk Kanye ramblings. i'm glad you've seen the light.

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 06.17.2014 06:14 PM


For some reason "Jenny" really fucked me up emotionally earlier, like existentially. It turns out I still have deep rooted feelings for a woman I loved years ago, and I hadn't fully realized this until quite recently, meanwhile there is nothing to do about it then trip out on the mystery of the heart and its capacity to feel beyond logic, reason, or indeed the passing of time.

noisereductions 06.17.2014 07:17 PM


Originally Posted by louder
how is it?

good. Not as immediate as the first album. A lot of slower stuff. But more experimental. Feels like a slow burner. Check it out.

Blood_Promise 06.18.2014 02:39 AM


Originally Posted by louder



best david sylvian related project

louder 06.18.2014 02:25 PM


Rob Instigator 06.18.2014 02:29 PM



SuchFriendsAreDangerous 06.18.2014 05:04 PM

East of the River Jordan is one of the most superb records ever.. Folks will never fully appreciate just how much Studio One roots reggae influenced world music..

pony 06.18.2014 05:59 PM


Originally Posted by pony


noisereductions 06.18.2014 06:01 PM


Severian 06.18.2014 09:49 PM


.. My favorite Röyksopp album by far. Underrated as hell.

Also this is one of the best albums of the year and I've been playing the shit out of it:


Genteel Death 06.19.2014 03:48 AM


Severian 06.19.2014 09:21 AM


Originally Posted by Genteel Death

Incredible band. One that I have never seen perform live, though.

Actually.. Maybe you can help me answer a question that's been dogging me for a while now. I read the following story about them not long ago, and it sounds like it's a bit of bullshit, but I am not familiar enough with the band to know, having only started listening after Birdland:


The Pink Noise became one of the best bands in the world in a single night last spring. After a week of practice in Detroit the members drove down to their debut in New York City, Gotham city, the big she-bang, only to walk onstage to instruments they couldnt play and songs they couldnt remember. After antagonizing the crowd for five minutes or so, the purposefully bad set was abruptly ended by a 300-pound bouncer, who proceeded to toss them out of the door. Nobody, including the label-heads in New York who beg to release The Pink Noises music, has heard from them since. Luckily the Alpha record was finished before this fiasco. It is the work of sinister pop scientists running on all cylinders, cramming multiple organs into a single cadaver only to reveal a skeleton for each song. Mixing influences from across the pond (theyd fit in with late-70s Manchester) and across the continent (Northern Cali pioneers such as Chrome and Minimal Man come to mind) with a primitive aura rarely adopted to this style, Alpha gets high scores in every category, its urgency and immediacy unparalleled in the land of limp keyboard amateurs."

This has got to be some bullshit, right? I don't know.

Really fucking good band, though.

Severian 06.19.2014 09:25 AM


Originally Posted by Bytor Peltor
The entire sixsixsix disk box over the last two nights at work:

Psychic TV - Themes Box Set

I've been really enjoying the triple threat of Live recordings that have been released this year. Definitely a fan.

Genteel Death 06.19.2014 10:21 AM

What do the the Pixies sound like? They're one of those bands I don't think I've ever heard.

Severian 06.19.2014 07:41 PM


Originally Posted by Genteel Death
What do the the Pixies sound like? They're one of those bands I don't think I've ever heard.

Man I really just wanted to know what was up with that "review" of Alpha.
What happened to your personal life that makes coming on here and just being a prick something that you even have time for?!

The Soup Nazi 06.19.2014 08:49 PM

Since some of you are talking about ordering stuff, I thought I'd go just slightly off-topic and mention the goodies I've pre-ordered. Some of these records are already out, actually, but I did order 'em in advance, you follow.


St. Vincent - Prince Johnny 12"


St. Vincent - Digital Witness DARKSIDE Remix 12"


Jeff Tweedy - Diamond Light 10"


Anna Calvi - Strange Weather covers EP


The Soup Nazi 06.19.2014 08:51 PM


Spoon - They Want My Soul insane bundle

The Soup Nazi 06.19.2014 09:44 PM

Oh, and also


Sharon Van Etten - Are We There bonkers bundle

Genteel Death 06.20.2014 08:39 AM


SuchFriendsAreDangerous 06.20.2014 02:13 PM

Part of me really wants to like St. Vincent, but every damned time I give them a sincere go I just realize...


The Soup Nazi 06.20.2014 04:39 PM


Originally Posted by SuchFriendsAreDangerous
Part of me really wants to like St. Vincent, but every damned time I give them a sincere go [...]

Just "her", actually; Annie Clark is St. Vincent, although she records and (mostly) performs with other musicians. Usually I despise when a single person adopts a band name, but Annie is my girlfriend.

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 06.20.2014 04:55 PM

While I understand that it is her vision, the does indeed invite a variety of musicians into it and therefore St. Vincent can be loosely defined as a band, one which I've always wanted to give my support to and yet sonically could just never get into it..

I feel the exact same way about Sleigh Bells...

chocolate_ladyland 06.21.2014 03:26 PM


Also this but I couldn't find a good quality image...

For the shit Hecker gets for his stuff being unlistenable, I really liked both of them.


Blood_Promise 06.23.2014 05:21 PM


EVOLghost 06.23.2014 06:18 PM

haven't listened to this album since in AAAGGGGEEEEESSSS


The Soup Nazi 06.23.2014 06:36 PM


Originally Posted by EVOLghost
haven't listened to this album since in AAAGGGGEEEEESSSS


You probably should have kept it like that.

EVOLghost 06.24.2014 11:02 AM

Yeah....I probably should have. The only song I really enjoyed was 'In like the rose'

everything else sounds incredibly dated.

pony 06.24.2014 05:51 PM


guest 06.25.2014 01:31 AM


don't know how this passed me by but it's incredible. steven warwick, richard youngs and luke fowler making tinny, warped club music that has been left to soak in bleach for centuries.

Blood_Promise 06.25.2014 05:42 AM


Rob Instigator 06.25.2014 08:24 AM


an evening with viewtiful 06.25.2014 02:33 PM

Trilogy by Emerson Lake and Palmer

What an atrocious piece of shit. Keith Emerson's solos on this album are just the epitome of bad taste

EVOLghost 06.25.2014 03:25 PM


an evening with viewtiful 06.25.2014 03:28 PM

Down the Road by Stephen Stills/Manassas

I have an uncle who regularly gives me old records that he either is done with, never liked, or knows I would like better... I'm not sure which category this one fell into, but... meh?

More ocassionaly engaging but mostly just 'there' pseudo-rock from Stephen Stills *yawn*

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