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atari 2600 08.11.2006 11:39 PM

"track 1" download from the new Acid Mothers Temple
Acid Mothers Temple

"Track 1" from Have You Seen The Other Side Of The Sky?


It's a legal promotional download. I thought all you sanctimonious types out there might want to know that.

acousticrock87 08.12.2006 03:30 AM

Awesome. Thanks. I've been thinking about seeing them when they come out here next month. Sounds great.

voided 08.12.2006 09:15 AM

whose putting this out?

Trasher02 08.12.2006 09:31 AM

cool thanks.

Everyneurotic 08.12.2006 10:30 AM

ace fu is the label putting it out. in fact, it's already out!

the album is great, a lot more folky/ethnical/oriental for the amt but nonetheless awesome.

PAULYBEE2656 08.12.2006 01:19 PM

thanks atari. nice one
they are playing dublin in november, lookin forward to it and hoping afrirampo come and support em. its looking kinda unlikely tho.

who would be sanctamonious here, surely not on here!!!!!

trance feeeedback 08.12.2006 02:32 PM

Thanks atari, I agree with everyneroutic about the folky/ethnical/oriental sound, the flute and violin(?) in this song are great, reminds me of ghost. This may sound crazy since most people say there is really no difference in sound, but I prefer the melting parasio U.F.O over the cosmic inferno. The melting parasio U.F.O. are more weird, folky, and psychedelic while the cosmic inferno have a more rock sound.

voided 08.12.2006 03:39 PM

ultra prolific who can keep up with these guys

acousticrock87 08.12.2006 04:02 PM

Out of curiousity, the 7+ bands on the Japanese New Music Festival are all the same guys, right?

atari 2600 08.12.2006 04:16 PM

their rockspacepsych sound is great & everything, but a little variation in their wack attack with the idiosyncratic elements is welcome

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