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█████████ 01.16.2008 10:36 PM

Kim Gordon to appear in short film
Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth and Damian Kulash of OK Go are both appearing in a short film.
The film has yet to be given a title, but we do know it will be directed by Ali Raza and focuses on a short story created by Miranda July. Filming has yet to begin, but will be starting later this month.
Also starring in the film is Becky Stark of the band Lavender Diamond, reports Variety.

atsonicpark 01.16.2008 11:08 PM

Your title suggests that she's only APPEARING in the film and not actually ACTING in it. I really really hope this is the case.

God what a terrible actress.

█████████ 01.16.2008 11:19 PM

usually when they act they also appear, but what do i know?

excuse the jerbish, i'm foreigner.

flophousefloozie 01.16.2008 11:23 PM

I've never seen Kim as a good actress, but she deserves another chance.

█████████ 01.16.2008 11:24 PM

i've never seen her as a bad one either. she barely acted.

atsonicpark 01.17.2008 12:09 PM

Heh. It was a joke.

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