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!@#$%! 06.27.2007 01:04 AM

the UFO place? oh, i'm going.


SynthethicalY 06.27.2007 01:33 AM

UFO's stoled my body, and did some anl probe.

Rob Instigator 06.27.2007 08:52 AM

UFO's, minimalist art, sonic youth - wonderful!

tesla69 06.28.2007 09:19 AM

humans are just a crop food for the aliens, the harvest is just about ripe

Rob Instigator 06.28.2007 09:39 AM

I just bought tickets for SONIC YOUTH in Austin at STUBBS BBQ!!!
They announced that October 5th they will lay at stubbs, and on october 7th they will pay the house of blues in Dallas, and on october 6th they will play a free show in Marfa Texas (home of donald judd's minimalist sculptures and aliens and the marfa lights)!!!

sonic youth!!!!

I cannot wait! 3 months to go!!!!

screamingskull 06.28.2007 09:43 AM

Marcia Marcia Marcia

m1rr0r dash 12.23.2007 11:10 PM

i know a video of the Marfa show is floating around somewhere....

could mr. santouche kindly put a DVD of this show on dime, or give it to someone who can....?

you would be doing the entire community a service by getting this incredible show out there. please please please?

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