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c#9 12.16.2023 03:03 PM

_tunic_ 12.17.2023 07:27 AM

all Silver Mt Zion albums

The Soup Nazi 12.19.2023 05:07 PM


Covered by Sleaford Mods.

Antagon 12.23.2023 09:33 PM


Magdalena Bay - Mercurial World

This album is the pure, distilled essence of Pop. It's catchy, at times very bubblegummy and unabashedly confident. And damn is the production smooth on that one. Layers upon layers of cascading synths, fx and sweet melodies. And then there are the seemless transitions. This album has fascinated me for a while now. Lots of nods to the 80s and 90s here and there, nothing entirely new, but assembled and arranged in such a charming and personal way. Can't help but love it.

Antagon 12.24.2023 08:15 AM


Chilling before a C-Eve deejaying session later on. It's the kind of solemn and tranquil a Grinch like me can enjoy.

_tunic_ 12.26.2023 08:50 AM


a version of Last Christmas that is still listenable :)

Antagon 01.03.2024 07:38 PM

A recap of my pre-new year picks last week, cause I couldn't be arsed to post earlier:

Last Thursday

Yeule - Softscars

My contemporary pick. A nice blend of 90s Alt-rock riffs and current Electropop
sensibilities with a good deal of glitchy goodness.


Ida E Os Voltas - Self-Titled 1986 Demo

Great, underrated Brazillian Post-Punk.


And on NYE before heading out to a party:


No introduction needed. Just a really fine comfort listen I hadn't spun in a while. "By This River" is still one of the most heartrending songs ever.

choc e-Claire 01.03.2024 11:05 PM


Originally Posted by Antagon
Yeule - Softscars

My contemporary pick. A nice blend of 90s Alt-rock riffs and current Electropop
sensibilities with a good deal of glitchy goodness.

A bunch of my friends are obsessed with this one, and while I thought it was alright, part of it just seemed a little too contrived or artificial to me? Like, it's very consciously being like "this is what excites the audience we want, so we'll do it". I liked Jane Remover's last record more for covering similar ground.

The Soup Nazi 01.04.2024 01:25 AM


Carla Bozulich - Red Headed Stranger. Best song-by-song "cover" of a full album ever. Well, it's either this one or Pussy Galore's Exile On Main St...

_tunic_ 01.07.2024 06:17 AM


For a free album it's pretty good, but while listening I do am tempted to hear some Rusty Crazy Horse!

dirty bunny 01.19.2024 02:36 AM

Radiohead. Right now "Stop Whispering"

_tunic_ 01.19.2024 11:02 AM




they label it as "depressive black metal". Even though I still don't really like this type of singing/screaming/whatever you call it, the music is great.

!@#$%! 01.22.2024 03:56 PM

skultura - nick dunston

thanks, wire tapper!

The Soup Nazi 01.23.2024 12:10 AM


Beer In Belly 01.26.2024 08:15 AM

Beer, pouring into my belly

!@#$%! 01.28.2024 08:00 PM

old timey metal


hahahaha while "o fortuna" is by now a supertired spooky signifier in movies, practically synonym with mr. diabolum himself (same as poor satie with his gymnopédie #1 overused and abused for a melancholy feel...) ... most of this recording is quite cheerful and almost dancy actually. and it's orff-approved! anyway, medieval aspirations aside, sounds to me more like bizet's choruses... and by the time it gets to cour d'amours it frequently gets quite lyrical. very fucking good. i used to have this very same cd ages ago

Kuhb 01.28.2024 09:28 PM


Originally Posted by The Soup Nazi


!@#$%! 02.03.2024 04:29 PM

some seriously good shit:

!@#$%! 02.07.2024 12:17 PM

kali malone - cast of mind


only 36 minutes! she got me used to 3 hours now.... lovely 36 minutes of beautiful drone though...

Genteel Death 02.08.2024 01:15 PM


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