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noisereductions 03.05.2009 08:32 AM

Top 5 SS beats
in honor of Steve dropping in on us, I thought I'd start this thread. Here's mine:

1. Expressway
2. Bull In The Heather
3. Pattern Recognition
4. Anagrama
5. SYR8

Thin_icE 03.05.2009 08:41 AM

In no particular order:

The Dripping Dream
Bull In The Heather
White Cross
Rain King
Pink Steam

repeater 03.05.2009 08:43 AM

good idea!

top of my head:

swinsuit issue
cross the breeze
washing machine

greenlight 03.05.2009 09:11 AM

sure it's not his top 5 things, coz he is a great drummer, but those are which came to my mind straight away:

1. like his work on Stones
2. Hang Out
3. Marika
4. any song where he is drumming with maracas
5. obviously The Sprawl and "Cross The Breeze"

but his true craftsmanship shows up when he holds everything nice and steady when Thurston, Kim and Lee making noise or improvising and then bring them back to the rhythm.

EVOLghost 03.05.2009 09:11 AM


here's mine

RAIN ON TIN (5:04-5:10) That part is just way too amazing. EDIT: reminds me of Keith Moon.
'Cross the Breeze
Plastic Sun

EVOLghost 03.05.2009 09:12 AM


Originally Posted by greenlight
but his true craftsmanship shows up when he holds everything nice and steady when Thurston, Kim and Lee making noise or improvising and then bring them back to the rhythm.

That's what makes the perfect drummer for teh SY

Danny Himself 03.05.2009 09:15 AM

Stereo Sanctity
Pattern Recognition
Teen Age Riot
Titanium Exposť

I think so, anyway. Definitely his most powerful and precise drumming that I recall. I may not have exactly the best memory because I haven't listened to SY properly in ages.

Derek 03.05.2009 09:15 AM

Top 5... Scissor Shock beats?

deflinus 03.05.2009 09:23 AM

no particular order

1. catholic block
2. genetic
3. schizophrenia
4. sprawl
5. pink steam

jennthebenn 03.05.2009 09:24 AM

Top 5 Snoopy Smashsquad beatdowns? Oh.

1. Stereo Sanctity
2. Rain on Tin
3. Total Trash
4. Anagrama
5. Cross the Breeze

Derek 03.05.2009 09:30 AM

I can't think of any particular amazing drumbeats apart from Cross the Breeze... so I'll just name my 5 favourite Korn songs.

1. Predictable
2. Good God
3. Kill You
4. Clown
5. Faget

atsonicpark 03.05.2009 09:55 AM

good call. Mine's similiar!

1. good god
2. predictable
3. clown
4. dead bodies everywhere
5. ball tongue

Derek 03.05.2009 09:59 AM

Hell yeah! I didn't pick anything after Life Is Peachy though... don't really like that stuff! Actually I like some of Issues and Follow The Leader...

I'm actually listening to their first album right now. Nu-metal on.

atsonicpark 03.05.2009 10:04 AM

Their first album is amazing, but I really like Life is Peachy because the whole thing was written and recorded in a week. It has a real loose but dark quality to it.

Follow the Leader has some amazing songs.. see "my gift to you".

Issues is also awesome.

Derek 03.05.2009 10:07 AM

Yeah I love Life Is Peachy. When I was 11 I'd listen to it everyday when I stayed at my aunt's during the Summer. A lot of that album creeped me out.

SYRFox 03.05.2009 10:16 AM


Originally Posted by Derek
Top 5... Scissor Shock beats?

Stock sucking Thurston's tastes please

1. Theresa's Sound-World
2. Bull In The Heather
3. NYC Ghosts & Flowers
4. Anagrama
5. Silver Rocket

atsonicpark 03.05.2009 10:18 AM

Kill You sure is amazing, isn't it? That guitar.. jesus!

Also, I always thought Twist was terrifying.

noisereductions 03.05.2009 10:42 AM

Life Is Peachy and Follow The Leader are both great albums.

How was their recent album? And did they release the Unplugged as an album?

atsonicpark 03.05.2009 11:03 AM

yeah they did.

I never heard anything after head left, but I will say untouchables is quite the epic album.

I dunno. I really think KORn have done lots of great shit.

Derek 03.05.2009 11:29 AM

I'm a freak. Punk ass sissy. I'm a freak.

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