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PAULYBEE2656 03.25.2006 12:48 PM

attention irish boardies...gig news

2 days after lightning bolt play the village on the 24th may...
umack productions bring accross the boredoms for a gig, 26th may in the temople bar music centre
check site for details..

pokkeherrie 03.25.2006 07:07 PM

whoaaa! :eek:

are we seeing the beginnings of what might be labeled a "european" tour? i guess not, but now it's already atp, dublin, london and barcelona...

Everyneurotic 03.25.2006 07:30 PM

who should i kill or fuck to get the boredoms to play in mexico?!

seeing as how yoshida tatsuya is coming, maybe the day is nearer than i think!

anyway, lucky irish bastards...most be all those four leaf clovers, be sure to enjoy the crap out of that show and try to record it for the least fortunate!!!

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