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Iain 07.15.2007 04:09 PM

Sunny Murray - Homage to Africa


sarramkrop 07.16.2007 03:59 AM


Earth 2

nicfit 07.16.2007 04:02 AM

Dot Allison? (ha ha can't see the image, there's just a little dot in your post..)

jon boy 07.16.2007 04:28 AM

canibal ox

Torn Curtain 07.16.2007 05:02 AM

Espers - S/T

gmku 07.16.2007 09:36 AM

I found Swans' Money on Lp the other day. Can't say I like it yet, though. I can't.

gmku 07.16.2007 09:47 AM

I can't say. I don't know. It's pretty damned ponderous. Maybe I just need to get used to it.

HairwayToSteven 07.16.2007 03:17 PM


Пятхъдесят Шест 07.16.2007 04:05 PM


krastian 07.16.2007 11:51 PM


Torn Curtain 07.17.2007 03:56 AM

Lilly Allen - Alright still

nicfit 07.17.2007 03:58 AM


Originally Posted by jico.

was that a question?
Because I'm listening to Why? - "oaklandazulasylum" right now.

Torn Curtain 07.17.2007 08:20 AM

And Also the Trees - S/T

gmku 07.17.2007 08:29 AM

Listened to the live portion and the cover songs from the DDN Deluxe 4xLP set last night. I recorded it to tape starting with the cover songs first.

This morning I'm taping the studio cuts.

They did a nice job with this reissue.

jon boy 07.17.2007 03:00 PM


sonicl 07.17.2007 03:38 PM


Pookie 07.17.2007 05:34 PM


gmku 07.17.2007 08:30 PM

Pookie, do you ever listen to more than one record at a time?

gmku 07.17.2007 08:31 PM

Listened to the rest of DDN Deluxe today. Very nice sounding. Nice mastering, nice pressing.

I listened to Exile on Main St. this afternoon, after getting into the 33 1/3 book.

This evening I'm back to listening to the covers and live sides of DDN Deluxe.

Norma J 07.18.2007 12:26 AM

Been listening to:

Ryan Adams: Easy Tiger.
Traveling Wilburys: Vol 1.
Bright Eyes: Cassadaga.
El Guapo: Super/System.

Now I'm listening to:

Happy Go Licky: Will Play.

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