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marleypumpkin 12.17.2006 07:14 PM

Sonic Youth - "The Detroyed Room"

HECKLER SPRAY 12.17.2006 07:16 PM

What do you think about this new Sonic Stuff, marleypumpkin ?

Dead-Air 12.17.2006 07:19 PM

"Mrs. Fiend Goes to Outerspace" by Alien Sex Fiend

Inhuman 12.17.2006 07:20 PM

me playing the hand drum

marleypumpkin 12.17.2006 07:30 PM


Originally Posted by HECKLER SPRAY
What do you think about this new Sonic Stuff, marleypumpkin ?

I think it's remenicent to stuff they did w/ Mike Watt on the "Cicoone Youth" project. That is, that's what I think of when I listen to this B-sides & rarities record.

k-krack 12.17.2006 07:45 PM

Yeah Yeah Yeah's Fever To Tell.

Dead-Air 12.17.2006 07:53 PM

"The Wheel" by Coil

k-krack 12.17.2006 08:50 PM

"Apologies to the Queen Mary" by Wolf Parade

Inhuman 12.17.2006 08:52 PM

O'Rourke - Halfway

Not really listening to albums at this moment, just selected songs

against_the_grain 12.17.2006 09:21 PM

Dave Holland


This was the current album out when I saw his band in Boston at I believe, Skullers out there near Cambridge. Kevin Eubanks on guitar, is he still the band leader for Jay Leno ?....Hmmmm...

Here's Kevin


gmku 12.17.2006 09:36 PM

X-Ray Spex - Germfree Adolescents



Bob Dylan - Bringing It All Back Home (mono issue) and Highway 61 Revisited (mono issue)

Inhuman 12.17.2006 09:44 PM

Hell yeah!

EMMAh 12.17.2006 10:14 PM

Water ~ PJ Harvey

Inhuman 12.17.2006 10:16 PM

King Tubby

krastian 12.18.2006 02:13 AM


davenotdead 12.18.2006 05:13 AM


RdTv 12.18.2006 06:53 AM


RdTv 12.18.2006 07:36 AM


compulsive diarrhea, jico 12.18.2006 09:33 AM


fuck yeah!

jon boy 12.18.2006 11:06 AM

i cant stop listening to bark haze!

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