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sonic sphere 12.13.2006 07:59 AM

new york dolls-1st album

sonic sphere 12.13.2006 09:21 AM

love-forever changes

gmku 12.13.2006 09:49 AM


Originally Posted by sonic sphere
brian jonestown massacre-fire song

I'll be on the prowl for some jonestown today. What should I get?

gmku 12.13.2006 09:53 AM

Um, the bee gees suck...

DemonBox 12.13.2006 02:10 PM

You send me bluuuue valentines....

jon boy 12.13.2006 02:40 PM


Originally Posted by RdTv

i was listening to that earlier as well.

at the moment its complexion - sbhofm and earlier ashtray navigations new one.

thanks to moloney and todd for those you drunk bastards.

porkmarras 12.13.2006 02:43 PM


porkmarras 12.13.2006 04:27 PM


'And watch the world spinning,gently out of time..........'

finding nobody 12.13.2006 04:32 PM

Pauly Bee's Round 3 Mix Tape

k-krack 12.13.2006 04:36 PM

Flying Luttenbachers- Cataclysm

A Thousand Threads 12.13.2006 04:39 PM

it was

but now its

porkmarras 12.13.2006 06:00 PM


WHOREOHSCOPE 12.13.2006 06:33 PM


Cantankerous 12.14.2006 01:02 AM


marleypumpkin 12.14.2006 01:07 AM

The Band - "The Basement Tapes"

Inhuman 12.14.2006 01:13 AM

Inspectah Deck - The Resident Patient

Hey Marley! What's going on? Haven't seen you around for a while

marleypumpkin 12.14.2006 04:53 AM

Primus - "Sailing The Sea Of Cheese"

_slavo_ 12.14.2006 04:56 AM

rather watching than listening:


this live DVD just fucking blew my brains off.


Onani Nic 12.14.2006 05:32 AM

The Replacements- Let It Be

Now listenign to one of the best songs ever, ANSWERING MACHINE. Seriously amazing song.

RdTv 12.14.2006 08:10 AM

Cut Chemist - Audience is Listening

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