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washer 09.11.2009 10:34 AM


noisereductions 09.11.2009 10:38 AM


Originally Posted by loubarret
Underated album, the Cohen cover is greatness.

right? Who knew that Liv could sing. The whole record is pretty great. "Waiting Round To Die" and "Beautiful" are probably my favorites though.

finding nobody 09.11.2009 11:40 AM


loubarret 09.11.2009 11:41 AM


the big quasar 09.11.2009 12:13 PM

vegetable man - pink floyd (circa syd)

noisereductions 09.11.2009 12:18 PM


Originally Posted by finding nobody

YES! This album is f'ing fantastic!

stu666 09.11.2009 12:33 PM


notyourfiend 09.11.2009 12:35 PM

suicidal tendencies - institutionalized

the big quasar 09.11.2009 01:03 PM


StevOK 09.11.2009 01:05 PM



Satan 09.11.2009 01:36 PM


sonic sphere 09.11.2009 01:37 PM


finding nobody 09.11.2009 01:54 PM


the big quasar 09.11.2009 01:54 PM


noisereductions 09.11.2009 02:19 PM


Originally Posted by finding nobody

I want to pretend I like this and MUSIC FOR EARTHWORMS, but they're just alright I think. I mean, once you get to FLOAT it's like Whoa! What a difference!

StevOK 09.11.2009 02:40 PM


How have I never listened to this before? It's Godly!

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 09.11.2009 02:43 PM

I am listening to demos by


noisereductions 09.11.2009 02:51 PM


Originally Posted by StevOK

How have I never listened to this before? It's Godly!

it is good. But I've always considered BUHLOONE MINDSTATE to be their best. And to be honest, I'm pretty sure I prefer both DE LA SOUL IS DEAD and STAKES IS HIGH to this one. I'm not knockin' it. Just talkin' what I reach for more often.

sonic sphere 09.11.2009 03:09 PM


loubarret 09.11.2009 03:13 PM


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