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acousticrock87 12.18.2008 01:05 AM

None. I'm going into withdrawal.

Sonic Youth 37 02.02.2009 02:56 PM

Jucifer and some other bands, tonight, $5. Should I go?

Moshe 02.02.2009 03:01 PM

Wolfgang Fuchs, Nils Oakland, ZU, Hild Sofie Tafjord, Peter Brotzmann Full Blast Trio, Daniel Padden, Adam Bohman, Arnaud Riviere.

ilduclo 02.02.2009 05:59 PM

thrones last night
mute socialite in a week

Everyneurotic 02.02.2009 07:14 PM


Originally Posted by Moshe
...Hild Sofie Tafjord...

ben zonah!


i have many many many tickets for concerts in march, and i'm probably going to see bouncing souls this friday.

Phlegmscope 02.02.2009 07:33 PM

Skepticism and Esoteric in few weeks, if possible.

Sonic Youth 37 02.03.2009 01:16 AM

HOlY Motherfucker shit, Jucifer.

fugazifan 02.03.2009 01:29 AM

ZU peter brozmann FBT
and i want to get tix for the Israel philharmonic, they are preforming the rites of spring with a ballet that should be great, along with a shostokovich ballet and a rachmaninov concerto

Trasher02 02.17.2009 10:37 AM

I've tickets for:
-Animal Collective
-Bob Dylan
-Amen ra+A Place To Bury Strangers

stu666 02.17.2009 10:59 AM


blunderbuss 02.17.2009 11:05 AM


Nothing else lined up whatsoever.

pokkeherrie 02.17.2009 11:42 AM

The ones that are certain:

Wolves in the Throne Room
Ashtray Navigations/Fabulous Diamonds
Zeni Geva
Roadburn Festival
ATP festival (95% sure)

Then there's about another dozen that I may or may not go to.

Sonic Youth 37 02.17.2009 04:16 PM

The Faint/Ladytron-April 17th

terriblecanyons 02.17.2009 04:25 PM

Death Cab sometime in April, I forgot the date.

Sonic Youth 37 02.17.2009 04:28 PM

Also, maybe GWAR on May 17th, and if I can comp 311 show tickets I'm going to go to heckle them.

This Is Not Here 02.17.2009 04:57 PM

Rooms Manuva in two days then Tricky the night after that.

Aswell as
Sonic Youth
The Butthole Surfers
Bob Dylan

I love being me sometimes.

This Is Not Here 02.17.2009 05:00 PM

oh and Daedelus, BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Holy Fuck, Throbbing Gristle and A Place to Bury Strangers

Danny Himself 02.17.2009 05:00 PM

M. Ward in one week.

This Is Not Here 02.20.2009 09:56 AM


Originally Posted by This Is Not Here
Roots Manuva

Saw him last night, one of the downright sloppiest live performances I've ever seen. But I guess I can't judge, I hadn't seen him other than last night... and it's not like I could do any better.

Florya 02.20.2009 10:37 AM

Durutti Column next Wednesday

Spectrum next Saturday

Mono on March 20

Antony & The Johnsons on May 27

S.C.U.M. & Throbbing Gristle on June 21

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