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dazedcola 12.21.2007 03:51 PM

Best Concert You Saw This Year ?
This board seems to have a lot of concert goers and Im sure you all went to a lot this year. I went to my most ever (17) in one year this year. But what was everyone's favorite show?

Mine was The Meat Puppets 9/5/07 in northampton,MA. I've always loved this band and they were amazing live. They played for over 2 hrs, played some of their classic material from II, Up On The Sun and Too High To Die and mixed in some new ones and great country covers. Curt Kirkwood went out on this unbelievable extended solos during the show like Hendrix acid rock style and it blew me away.

Savage Clone 12.21.2007 03:52 PM

It was a tie between:

Acid Mothers Guru Guru, Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis

Skoal Kodiak, Heliotrope Festival, Minneapolis

Rob Instigator 12.21.2007 04:07 PM

Sonic Youth at Stubbs in Austin where they played Cross The Breeze and a ton of DDN stuff I had never heard live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

atari 2600 12.21.2007 04:21 PM

I listened to that Stubb's audience recording the other night...both the Sonic Youth and Meat Puppets sets. In addition to some DDN numbers, they also did "The World Looks Red" that night; Thurston's voice was great, but the music not so great on that one. I saw Meat Puppets on the Monsters tour. I was really dosed.

The Police, John Paul Jones Arena
Animal Collective, Satellite Ballroom
Deerhoof, Charlottesville Pavillion
Cracker (acoustic David & Johnny), Starr Hill Music Hall
Battles, Satellite Ballroom

Crumb's Crunchy Delights 12.21.2007 04:23 PM

Mlevins reunion show.

Phlegmscope 12.21.2007 04:25 PM

I hardly remember the gigs I've been to, but I remember liking these alot. There are others too but I've seen quite a lot concerts this year so...
boredoms, nomeansno, kemialliset ystävät, alamaailman vasarat, aavikko, cleaning women, fun, sunburned, gallhammer...

Not in any order. Of these I'd say the Boredoms gig I liked the most.

jennthebenn 12.21.2007 04:29 PM

sonic youth at mccarren park pool doing DDN, 7/28/07

screamingskull 12.21.2007 05:02 PM

1) The Brian Jonestown Massacre (even if they are assssssssholes)
2) Sonic Youth (where amazing, just not as good live as the brian jonestown massacre are)(sorry)

(had to change my list when i realised that the flaming lips show was Nov 06)

terminal pharmacy 12.21.2007 05:18 PM


Toxa 12.21.2007 05:22 PM

1. Sonic Youth
2. Mono
3. The National

gmku 12.21.2007 05:35 PM

Haven't gone to a real gig in decades. A few local bands now and then, but no major things.

Rob Instigator 12.21.2007 05:36 PM

gmku, I am gonna have to go up to Yankee Land and drag your ass to a rock show man!!!!!!!!

no couch-rock for us either, straight ahead fucking RAWK!

gmku 12.21.2007 05:38 PM

If you go to Yankee Land, you'll need to take a hard right and make a beeline for the east coast. For better or worse, I'm in the palmetto state now. South Carolina.

gmku 12.21.2007 05:41 PM

I guess I don't go to gigs for a couple reasons.

1. Expense. You go the show, it's over, and what have you got?

2. It's money I'd rather spend on: a. LPs b. clothing c. beer, and d. caffeine.

3. I'm a lot older than the usual crowd what likes the music I do.

Okay, make that three reasons.

Derek 12.21.2007 05:42 PM

Sonic Youth Daydream show probably.

screamingskull 12.21.2007 05:42 PM

he don't know the hip and kool dance moves, he he he he he :)

avantgarde1 12.21.2007 06:27 PM

1. Sonic Youth (back in october)
2. Tv On The Radio
3. Interpol

Everyneurotic 12.21.2007 06:52 PM

off the top of my head:

-sy with a really awesome noise act opening for them.
-yo la tengo (highlight of the manifest, second best band: chikita violenta)
-camera obscura + chikita violenta (beautifully haunted and cv played better than on manifest)
-xbxrx (although it was a bit short and not as crazy, best mosh pit of the year).
-otomo yoshihide and fred frith guitar duo (opposed styles make for very inspired shit)
-otomo yoshihide turntable and guitar show + norbert möslang, günter müllen and jason khan (the voice crackers did a great digital drone piece, then otomo got violent and almost destroyed his turntables after which he took out his guitar for a solo interpretation of ornette's "lonely woman").
-fennesz (amazing how he does everything, improvising AND playing songs from his albums).
-francisco lopez (such destructive, vivid sounds he conjures)
-helmet (the band play just like the original guys, page is a madman guitar genius and the nicest guy, the riffs stomped and it was heavy is it could be).
-explosions in the sky (not my favorite band, the place had sound problems, the openers sucks and the hipsters didn't shut up; but the moment where the bass player had his amp fucked but the band kept playing the lulled, subdued part until they fixed it to detonate in distortion and heaviness on the last song was priceless).
-descartes a kant with (the awful) 3 colores
-descartes a kant + sutra + a colores + silencios incomodos (this was probably the best mex underground show i have seen ever; s.i. played jl/amrep rock very authentically, sutra bridged branca/chatham with tortoise and isis, descartes played their schizophrenic brand of rock and a colores made the biggest atmospherics with the slowest build-ups to make for heavier than fuck music at key moments).
-bloodyminded + a shitload of electronica bands at a goth club.
-bloodyminded at an internet café/industrial goth pop club-at-night.
-sodom (from black metal to thrash to german punk to "ace of spades", a very complete show)
-job for a cowboy at the sounds of the underground (second best band...hmmm...this year it really sucked, darkest hour sounded cool but i only heard like one song; shadows fall were better than expected...that's pretty much all i remember)
-porter wagoner and grinderman opening for the white stripes.
-watain and some ok to laughable local bm and dm bands, the best one, i told the singer dude afterwards that i enjoyed and he was like freaked out, like how come i recognize him without corpsepaint to tell him nice things?

Dead-Air 12.21.2007 10:22 PM

13th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival

But for single gigs that I didn't help put on...

Legendary Pink Dots at Berbati's in Portland, OR with Plants and Zoe Keating putting in excellent opening sets. The Dots were mesmerizing and Ka-Spel really is some sort of shaman.

ZEROpumpkins 12.21.2007 10:49 PM

Frenzal Rhomb by a mile. Although I did get backstage passes to a Good Charlotte concert, met the band and their current girlfriends (Nicole Richie, Sophie Monk) got acess to green room etc. Not to say i'm a fan of their music by any means, but they certainly were nice people.

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