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Massenvernichtungswaffen 12.03.2006 11:33 AM

David LaChapelle is a nutbag.

strange guy. good artist and photographer nonetheless

Massenvernichtungswaffen 12.03.2006 11:35 AM


this one is called 'paris at grandma hilton's house'

finding nobody 12.03.2006 11:35 AM

I've only seen him on the Dig DVD

jon boy 12.03.2006 11:52 AM

the world needs nutbags though. good ones at least.

Massenvernichtungswaffen 12.03.2006 11:59 AM

i hadn't meant nutbag to be perjorative. you get what I mean.
crazy dude. anyhow, yea.. anybody got any other pieces by him?

jon boy 12.03.2006 12:00 PM

i know you didnt mean it in a bad way. its cool.

static-harmony 12.03.2006 02:32 PM

I think he is a good photographer, he is one of the few that has stepped out of boundaries for this gen of photographers.

Norma J 12.03.2006 03:33 PM

I don't mind his work.

jon boy 12.03.2006 03:36 PM


strictlycommercial 12.03.2006 04:42 PM

Not my thing.

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