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HaydenAsche 10.11.2006 05:57 PM

You would rep cantanky for nearly every post. Just shut the fuck up already, man.

static-harmony 10.11.2006 05:58 PM

WHo me, I can't I'm like the energizer bunny, who keeps going and going.

Cantankerous 10.11.2006 05:59 PM

Someone please remove its batteries.

HaydenAsche 10.11.2006 05:59 PM


It's terribly annoying and overdone. We understand you want her but she's far above your standards.

Hell, she sets my standards.

Cantankerous 10.11.2006 06:01 PM

Remember, I set your standard.

Hip Priest 10.11.2006 06:04 PM

Is there any actual evidence that hot dogs and car exhaust fumes have a similar smell? It's not something I've noticed in particular.

Cantankerous 10.11.2006 06:04 PM

Jico 10.11.2006 06:47 PM


Everyneurotic 10.11.2006 07:34 PM

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Jico 10.11.2006 07:40 PM

I like beeing irrelevant.

atari 2600 10.11.2006 07:47 PM


Originally Posted by static-harmony
Gotta give it up for youthoftomorrow, for making that connection.

I found it rep-worthy.

It seems possible in light of what he wrote.


Inhuman 10.11.2006 08:10 PM


Gulasch Noir 10.12.2006 03:29 AM

blue sunlover 10.12.2006 03:33 AM

i have no sound but i could see how he moves.

whorefrost 10.12.2006 04:18 AM


Originally Posted by CHOUT
I'm drinking a Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi.

the most joyless way to drink cola

nicfit 10.12.2006 04:42 AM


CHOUT 10.12.2006 02:20 PM

I'm fuckin' lazy and don't want to do anything.

gmku 10.12.2006 02:25 PM

I have to pee.

I'm wondering if my new pants fit right.

I'm pissed off that people in official positions--talking, administrators, managers, of places where I spend a chunk of change, like my son's college--don't answer my e-mails in a timely manner.

Oh, this is supposed to be irrelevant. Let's see: A two-passenger plane crashes into an apartment building and cable news covers it for 8 hours straight.

DemonBox 10.12.2006 03:08 PM

gmku 10.12.2006 03:17 PM

Old geezer/geek jazz. I love it. Actually, I kinda resemble a couple of those guys, especially Paul Desmond and Dave Brubeck. But I don't wear grease in my hair or thin ties with my suits.

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