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Hip Priest 11.13.2006 02:40 PM

"Cattle mutilations are very much a fucking reality, and we don't care what anyone else says BECAUSE IT'S TRUE", scream Montana residents.

Hip Priest 11.13.2006 02:46 PM

Who says that scientists don't know how to enjoy themselves, eh?

Does a gene by any other name sound as sweet? Well, if it’s originally called “manic fringe homologue” the answer is that any other name sounds sweeter.

In the past, when scientists discovered new genes in drosophila flies, they came up with whimsical titles for them. In homage to a video game character they called one such fly gene “Sonic Hedgehog”. Sonic the Hedgehog was about as rambunctious and likeable as video game characters come.

But doctors and researchers are now calling for the reconsideration of names given to related genes in the humans – such as “Sonic Hedgehog homologue” and “manic fringe homologue”. The Human Genome Organisation (HUGO) Gene Nomenclature Committee is now re-evaluating these genes along with three others: lunatic fringe homolog, radical fringe homolog, and Indian Hedgehog homolog.

It turns out that telling a patient that they have a disability or illness because of a “manic” or “lunatic” gene isn’t so fun after all.

You can’t blame fly scientists for wanting to have some fun. But maybe it’s time for us to grow up and refrain from naming genes after video game characters. Because the last thing that a patient wants to think when hearing about a deadly mutation is “game over”.

Roxanne Khamsi

porkmarrass 11.13.2006 02:46 PM

"Language," William S. Burroughs reminded us, "is a virus from outer space."

Hip Priest 11.13.2006 02:48 PM

Nice picture:

edit: couldn't find the picture.

edit: have a shot of a porcupine instead: http://www.african-safari-pictures.c...pine-facts.jpg

porkmarrass 11.13.2006 02:49 PM

I thought I'd use an avatar of a jolly fellow to reflect my innate jolliness.

king_buzzo 11.13.2006 03:17 PM


Originally Posted by Hip Priest




gmku 11.13.2006 03:20 PM

Who the fuck are the Scissors Sisters? Are they gay? And why should I care?

arthritis2600 11.13.2006 03:26 PM

Now that's a cover.

gmku 11.13.2006 03:31 PM

What's on your iTune list?

!@#$%! 11.13.2006 03:34 PM


itunes es una mierda

gmku 11.13.2006 03:39 PM

hace varios dias que estoy solo en mi casa a la hora del almuerzo, y la verdad que es una mierda, para que me voy a cocinar para mi solo?

!@#$%! 11.13.2006 03:40 PM


Originally Posted by gmku
hace varios dias que estoy solo en mi casa a la hora del almuerzo, y la verdad que es una mierda, para que me voy a cocinar para mi solo?

por placer? mejor cocinar que comer asquerosidades del microwave.

Tokolosh 11.13.2006 03:43 PM

no es un problema se tu comes solo. El microwave es una mierda y el sabor es malo.

gmku 11.13.2006 03:45 PM

Ah, bueno, bueno, el microwavo es mi savioro.

Tokolosh 11.13.2006 03:49 PM

Lo que es bueno es que tu puedes tocar discos la noche entera, y la senorita no te va molestar.

gmku 11.13.2006 03:58 PM

Yo no vayo a la disco solo a la noche--muchas chicitas calientes alli!

Tokolosh 11.13.2006 04:04 PM


Tocar Discos^. No discos para bailar. ;)

gmku 11.13.2006 04:11 PM

ah, claro!

PAULYBEE2656 11.13.2006 04:17 PM

my phone is ringing!

!@#$%! 11.13.2006 04:25 PM

al huevon de al lado le apesta el hocico

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