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batreleaser 10.01.2008 03:12 PM

laddio bolocko-strange warnings of

this is dissapointing so far. i was so psyched to hear this as i read on thier wikipedia page that they were inspired avant punk like this heat (one of my favorite bands) and albery ayler (my god) and has members of panicsville and blake fleming (of dazzling killmen). its just simply not that crazy. 'spiritual unity' and 'deceit' blow it away in terms of craziness. oh well.

uhler 10.01.2008 03:31 PM


batreleaser 10.01.2008 05:19 PM

motorhead-eat the rich

whereboysfeartotread 10.01.2008 05:27 PM

(i can't get no) satisfaction by cat power

p.s. not a cover of the rolling stones tune..

pokkeherrie 10.01.2008 05:30 PM

but that is a cover of the rolling stones tune...

batreleaser 10.01.2008 08:46 PM

right now; flipper-generic

besides that, ive been listening to a lot of pan sonic. i was never really aware of them and i really like em. i just downloaded the entire discog torrent (i know, im an asshole, but fuck it, ill buy the ones i like) and im diggin it big time. the earlier ones 'vakio' 'kulma' and 'a' are all rad, and the new one aint bad either. they definitley own the harshness of some of the early industrial bands blah throbbing gristle blah suicide blah nebauten, usually i cant stand band who rip those bands cuz those bands cant be topped at what they do. but pan sonic has a spacey dub feel to thier sound, i mean these songs are total dubs. good band.

Sonic Youth 37 10.01.2008 09:10 PM


EMMAh 10.01.2008 09:40 PM

Rockin' Bones - The Cramps

Sonic Youth 37 10.01.2008 09:43 PM


atsonicpark 10.01.2008 10:11 PM

yeah pan sonic rule. my favorite is the 4 disc set.


EMMAh 10.01.2008 10:15 PM

Jungle Cat - Tiger Army

Death & the Maiden 10.01.2008 10:57 PM

Einstuerzende Neubauten - Haus der Luege

atsonicpark 10.01.2008 11:01 PM


EMMAh 10.01.2008 11:11 PM

Punky Reggae Party - Bob Marley

Sonic Youth 37 10.01.2008 11:15 PM

Vivians Girls Live on the Radio WFMU

atsonicpark 10.01.2008 11:30 PM

vivian girls rule.

i'm currently listening to loincloth.

atsonicpark 10.01.2008 11:31 PM


Sonic Youth 37 10.01.2008 11:32 PM

They kicked all kinds of ass at the show even though 2 of their reverbs wouldn't work. Real ace bunch of girls.

Up next:
not sure yet. Probably some type of punk, perhaps Singles Going Steady.

NicolįsD 10.01.2008 11:36 PM

Eunuch Provocateur / Mars Volta

atsonicpark 10.02.2008 12:02 AM

I'm sorry.

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