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king_buzzo 09.03.2008 11:34 AM

by the end of tonight - a tribute to tigers

Cantankerous 09.03.2008 11:36 AM


stu666 09.03.2008 11:51 AM

Six Organs Of Admittance
June 4, 2008
Paris France
Parc De La Villette La Grande Halle De La Villette Villette Sonique

thankyou very much andrei for this recording + fantastic artwork :)

king_buzzo 09.03.2008 12:28 PM


jimbrim 09.03.2008 01:28 PM

Keiji Haino - Black Blues

al shabbray 09.03.2008 01:32 PM

Lee Ranaldo / William Hooker - Envisioning

noisereductions 09.03.2008 01:34 PM


Originally Posted by al shabbray
Lee Ranaldo / William Hooker - Envisioning

How is that one? It's one I always meant to pick up.

al shabbray 09.03.2008 01:38 PM

I am only half through right now (just found it today in the mailbox)
but its easily in the top 3 of my hooker/ranaldos, still bouquet is on the top, thats just a perfect ranaldo hooker record.

but I can tell there is pretty much spoken word in envisioning! and really strong outspoken. definately a good one

al shabbray 09.03.2008 01:52 PM

ok update I am through it one time now.
the end got some real cool noise parts!!!
like it pretty much, definately recommended!

king_buzzo 09.03.2008 04:02 PM

reatreat! retreat! - 65daysofstatic

stu666 09.03.2008 05:07 PM

Paris 1942



al shabbray 09.03.2008 05:09 PM

dj olive - Sleep

The Earl Of Slander 09.03.2008 05:32 PM


Chrome - Half Machine Lip Moves, on lovely blue vinyl. Jesus, this is even better than I remembered it being. Genius.

Danny Himself 09.03.2008 05:40 PM


Great gatefold LP here. I used to hear this a lot when I was a kid and now I've unearthed it from the attic I'm getting back into the swing of this greek songbird.

Everyneurotic 09.03.2008 05:45 PM


The Earl Of Slander 09.03.2008 05:52 PM


Originally Posted by Everyneurotic

What is that? That's an awesome cover.

Everyneurotic 09.03.2008 06:41 PM

that's glass candy - b/e/a/t/b/o/x


now listening:


Danny Himself 09.03.2008 07:18 PM


batreleaser 09.03.2008 09:57 PM

the shaggs-philosophy of the world

john fahey-christmas album
truman's water-of thick tum
pil-first issue
thinking plague-in extremis
pere ubu-the art of walking
thee headcoats-the earls of suavedom, the wurst is yet to come

atsonicpark 09.03.2008 10:36 PM


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