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Destroyed 03.05.2008 08:36 AM


My favourite VU Album

Cantankerous 03.05.2008 08:40 AM


Originally Posted by gmku
This is a great CD. Only thing better would be having the original on vinyl.

i have it...

gmku 03.05.2008 08:42 AM

Okay, I'll take it. How much?

gmku 03.05.2008 08:43 AM

These bonus tracks are sucking so far. Why'd they have to ruin a perfectly fine album with these things?

Cantankerous 03.05.2008 08:45 AM

soul 1 is great!!
i don't remember how the rest of them go but i remember really really liking soul 1

you cannot have my copy

gmku 03.05.2008 08:48 AM

That's okay. 10 years from now somebody like Sundazed or 4 Men with Beards will get ahold of the rights to it and issue it on 360-gram colored vinyl or something.

Cantankerous 03.05.2008 08:50 AM

4 men with beards :D

gmku 03.05.2008 08:51 AM

Yeah, great name, great label. They did the PiL Metal Box reissue a couple years back, along with some other essential late 70s stuff.

Actually, I've just gotten to Starship, and I'd say it's the most interesting of the bonus tracks.

Destroyed 03.05.2008 09:04 AM


gmku 03.05.2008 09:09 AM


sonic sphere 03.05.2008 09:18 AM

johnny thunders & the heartbreakers-l.a.m.f.

sonic sphere 03.05.2008 10:07 AM

wu-tang clan-enter the wu-tang 36 chambers

Torn Curtain 03.05.2008 10:40 AM

Jim O'Rourke - Eureka

jimbrim 03.05.2008 11:55 AM

The Fall - The Light User Syndrome

gmku 03.05.2008 12:13 PM


Originally Posted by sonic sphere
johnny thunders & the heartbreakers-l.a.m.f.


sonic sphere 03.05.2008 12:17 PM

iggy pop-new values

Everyneurotic 03.05.2008 12:57 PM


Originally Posted by Cantankerous
copycats, the lot of you.

hmmm, last week i was listening to a whole bunch of synthpop and, especially depeche mode (since that's the synthpop band i have the most albums by) and there was a bunch of people here listening to them...i didn't call them copycats.


thinking about it now, i should have so...


listening to hannah montana still but also listened to the new byop and elf power.

Destroyed 03.05.2008 12:57 PM


gmku 03.05.2008 12:58 PM

johnny thunders - born too loose

Everyneurotic 03.05.2008 01:03 PM


Originally Posted by Destroyed

you see? see what happens?

ps: i love "it's no good", "useless", "home" and "the love thieves", it was the first dm album i got into.

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