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static-harmony 11.10.2010 02:40 AM

Florence and the machine on youtube.

batreleaser 11.10.2010 11:37 AM

This morning went from Sly Stone to Daft Punk to Psychedelic Horseshit to To Live and Shave in LA.

stu666 11.10.2010 12:07 PM


Elder. 11.10.2010 04:03 PM


The Earl Of Slander 11.10.2010 07:00 PM



Ghostchase 11.10.2010 07:22 PM


Originally Posted by stu666


Richard said this is finally getting officially released, finally.

Alan Vega - 13 X (Live)

viewtiful alan redux 11.10.2010 11:26 PM


davenotdead 11.10.2010 11:38 PM

ghostface -- pretty toney

Dr. Eugene Felikson 11.11.2010 01:36 AM


Evol - Satanic 4 Life

Torn Curtain 11.11.2010 10:15 AM

Laura Veirs - The Troubadour, West Hollywood, Ca, November 1, 2010 - AUD (from dime)

viewtiful alan redux 11.11.2010 03:50 PM


I usually find these guys a little boring.. but this is a damn good mix of horror core and concious hip-hop, hell probably the best of its kind I've heard besides 6 Feet Deep

ann ashtray 11.11.2010 03:50 PM

R.L. Burnside

Genteel Death 11.11.2010 05:05 PM


sore eros-second chants

the ikara cult 11.11.2010 10:50 PM

I was listening to The Dead C all the other day during the protest
I cant find "Power" but that was the song

davenotdead 11.11.2010 11:21 PM

only built 4 cuban linx.



what's the best method man album?

Dr. Eugene Felikson 11.12.2010 12:04 AM


viewtiful alan redux 11.12.2010 12:20 AM


Originally Posted by davenotdead
only built 4 cuban linx.



what's the best method man album?


viewtiful alan redux 11.12.2010 12:20 AM

Believe it or not they are all actually good (or at least decent), but Tical is easily the standout.

davenotdead 11.12.2010 12:49 AM

thanks. will totally check em all.

viewtiful alan redux 11.12.2010 02:12 AM



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