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a baby in 1980 01.31.2016 10:23 PM

Post in this thread if you're the only member currently logged in.
better hurry and submit this...

Rob Instigator 02.01.2016 09:17 AM

that's me

Robert Schunk 02.01.2016 03:28 PM

Hello, all!

Antagon 02.01.2016 08:14 PM


SYRFox 02.02.2016 03:49 AM


EVOLghost 02.02.2016 02:12 PM


cryptowonderdruginvogue 02.03.2016 02:36 AM


Bytor Peltor 02.12.2016 05:31 AM

0429 on Friday morning and I'm the only member logged in.

However, there are several lurkers.

a baby in 1980 08.16.2016 09:01 PM

"What Time Is It"?

Here's a little anecdote:
During a festival show in the late 90s, I heard a performer say: "What time is it?" In my naivety, I had a quick look at my watch while at the same time hearing thousands of knowledgable kids my age reply: "It's time to get ill!"

It made me feel a bit stupid yet amused.

Aah, sweet memories.

choc e-Claire 11.18.2018 12:33 AM

I'm all alone. Achievement unlocked.o

greenlight 11.18.2018 03:14 AM

not that difficult these days Claire. I remeber the days when it was impossible. actually at this very time I am only one logged in. well, time has changed.

sonic sphere 07.10.2019 02:21 PM

Not such a difficult thing to do these days :D

The Gazpacho Gestapo 07.13.2019 11:55 PM

oh shoot


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