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Torn Curtain 07.30.2014 04:37 PM

Sharon Van Etten - KEXP July 5, 2014

Rob Instigator 07.30.2014 04:39 PM


SuchFriendsAreDangerous 07.30.2014 07:29 PM

Don Carlos Lazer Beam compilation


Anyone who pretends they don't dig the smooth vocal sound and melodies of Don Carlos is just plain bullshitting! There. I said it yo!

evollove 07.31.2014 06:28 PM

Dazzling Stranger: The Bert Jansch Anthology


stu666 08.01.2014 12:01 PM


Severian 08.01.2014 01:07 PM


The more I listen to this the more I appreciate it. This is easily the most adventurous album this group has ever made. It's completely twisted, and makes me regret all accusations of the group being "ex-musicians turned media personalities."

They're still fired up and pissed the fuck off, and though ?uest may be the black Paul Shaffer, he's leveraged his long term deal with Fallon to make the Roots so invaluable to The industry that the Roots can now so whatever the fuck they want in the studio, without expectation of radio or chart success.

This is a dark, bold, experimental hip-hop album, and I feel like shit for calling them pussies :(

Torn Curtain 08.02.2014 02:58 PM

Iggy & The Stooges - Gimme danger (Sydney 04-02-13)

Dr. Eugene Felikson 08.03.2014 03:42 PM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 08.04.2014 02:47 PM


louder 08.04.2014 04:22 PM



Dr. Eugene Felikson 08.05.2014 06:44 PM


on red vinyl

Edwardbenz 08.05.2014 06:47 PM


This is so good. The book that accompanied it has brought my mood down too much though :(

EVOLghost 08.06.2014 12:54 PM


EVOLghost 08.06.2014 01:39 PM


Rob Instigator 08.06.2014 04:59 PM


pony 08.06.2014 06:10 PM


julian koster made me so happy last weekend when he played with NMH.
seeing him on stage, dancing around, full of positive energy is one of my fav moments from last weekend.

Blood_Promise 08.08.2014 06:59 AM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 08.09.2014 02:59 AM


Maladroit <3!!

Dr. Eugene Felikson 08.09.2014 03:41 AM


Bytor Peltor 08.09.2014 08:34 AM

This morning I've been listening to various tracks by, Jeff Beck.

Over the past several days, I've been totally consumed with the 1980's recordings of: Amanda

If you enjoy, The Whitey Album......odds are you will love, Amanda.

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