First Record, SST Cassette Reissue
(side B):

raepS gninruB
maerD I demaerD I
enolA toN sI ehS
tI hsuP oT tnaW t'noD I
daB ehT dnA dooG ehT

NYC Ghosts + Flowers Sessions:
Free City Rhymes alternate take

A Thousand Leaves Sessions:
The Drummer is Fine part 1
The Drummer is Fine part 2
The Drummer is Fine part 3

Made in USA Sessions 1986:
Made in USA Theme (out take)

SYR 6, 2005:
Koncertas Stan Brakhage Prisiminimui (exerpt)

Goo Deluxe Edition Outtakes
(Live at Irvine, CA 11/03/90):

White Kross
Eric's Trip
Cinderella's Big Score
Dirty Boots
The Bedroom

Noho Furniture Sessions 2001:
3-sectional love seat

Sonic Nurse Rehearsals 2003:
Fire Engine